British Olympic Canoeing Hopeful Tim Brabants Reflects on Hair Loss

Tim Brabants Hair Loss The Belgravia Centre

Sprint canoeist Tim Brabants has represented Britain on the world sports stage since the year 2000, when he won a bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics.

Tim was interviewed by BBC Sport last week. As well as talking about his preparations for this Summer’s games in London, he reflected on what had changed in the last few years.  Many men will relate to Tim’s admission of some hair loss.

Tim stated: "I don't feel any different on this return other than I've got a lot less hair than I did then. I've got a lot more experience and, because I'm a bit older, I'm probably a bit wiser too."

Wisdom and experience does not mean hair loss is inevitable

Although a receding hair line or thinning crown is completely natural for some men as they get older, it is not an irreversible part of the process. Where Tim seems to feel that his experience goes hand-in-hand with his thinning hair, the experiences of the many hundreds of men and women treated at The Belgravia Centre clearly demonstrate that this is not the case.

The Belgravia Centre has the world's largest online library of patient hair loss success stories that catalogues hundreds of cases of hair loss reversal with photos and feedback. Despite the ongoing progression of Tim Brabants’ receding hair line, our hair loss experts can often significantly reduce further shedding and promote regrowth.

Treating age-related hair loss

Although age and hair loss seem to go together naturally, in reality Male Pattern Balding is slightly more complicated. By the age of 50, men have a 50% chance of experiencing hair loss. By 60, the odds are raised to 60%, and so on with age roughly matching the likelihood of developing some form of receding hairline.

Androgenic Alopecia, to give the condition its proper name, is caused by a hormonal imbalance which converts testosterone into a chemical known as DHT, which attacks the hair follicles causing them to shrink and prevent new hair growth. A number of clinically proven medications mixed with hair growth boosters can halt hair loss and regrow hair in men like Tim Brabants who are affected by Androgenic Alopecia.

Turning conventional hair loss wisdom on its head

It is never too late to begin treatment to combat hair loss. Our experts recommend that men seek assistance as soon as possible, if only for the positive effect that this has on their confidence.

The Belgravia Centre wishes Tim Brabants every success as he continues with his effort to qualify for Team GB and we would happily welcome him to our Victoria-based clinic to discuss hair loss treatment at any time.  We also welcome any man or women experiencing hair loss, Olympian or otherwise, to contact us to book a free, no obligation consultation. You can call us on 0800 077 6666 or message us online to arrange this. However, you don’t need to live in London for The Belgravia Centre to help you: you can fill in our online diagnostic form for a customised treatment plan that we can send to you anywhere in the world.

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