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British Government Invests in Cure for Baldness

Lord Sainsbury Backed Government Investment in Finding a Cure for Baldness. Pic Fisher PhotographicsWith mixed reports about the recession, some saying we are coming out of it and others less positive, have you ever wondered what investments the British government is making with taxpayers money? Would hair loss be on that list?

Back in 2006 it was reported that the Government planned to put £1.9m of public monies into research to develop a cure for baldness.

The proposal was backed by Lord Sainsbury, the then science minister, who thought Britain could become the world leader in baldness expertise and reap the financial rewards.

Plans were laid out to develop injections that would enable bald men to re-grow hair permanently. The Government is looking to biotechnology to create a process where hair follicles are collected from the head, reproduced in a test tube and then injected in their millions back into the scalp to grow new hair.

A typical bald patch would require approximately 1000 injections to establish enough new hair follicles. Each injection would penetrate 3mm into the skin and would be done under local anaesthetic.

The company developing the research is Intercytex. For the initial tests, seven volunteers received injections of hair follicle cells into small patches on their scalps. “The treated patch was about the size of a 5p piece and the number of hairs went up from 250 before the treatment to 316 after,” said Dr Paul Kemp, a biochemist who has made himself a guinea-pig for the new treatment.

The second phase of clinical trials is currently underway and it will be interesting to see how this research develops.

In the meantime, there are two proven hair loss treatments that have successfully undergone clinical trials and been shown to be effective in tackling hair loss. Minoxidil (for men and women) and Propecia (for men only) are the only two products to be licensed by the MHRA and ‘FDA-approved’ for the treatment of hair loss in the UK and the USA respectively.

If you are noticing thinning hair or hair loss, it is recommended you seek an accurate diagnosis from a doctor or hair specialist. The Belgravia Centre offers free consultations. To book an appointment, please call 020 7730 6666 or message the clinic. Alternatively, complete the online diagnostic form and a treatment advisor will be in touch.

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