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Bride-to-Be on Dealing with Alopecia Areata Hair Loss


One bride-to-be has shared her experience of preparing for her wedding alongside coping with the onset of Alopecia Areata.

“Our wedding preparations have brought all the normal stresses, but, unlike most brides, I have had the added pressure of coping with losing my hair” said Keremi Gawade.

Alopecia and StressAlopecia Sufferer Keremi Gawade on holiday in Morocco

Although the precise cause of Alopecia is unknown, it is thought to be an auto-immune condition, with triggers including viruses, infection and extreme stress being commonly cited factors. Unfortunately, the experience of hair loss often causes an increase in stress, as was the case for Keremi, pictured right:

“The Alopecia had made my anxiety levels shoot up. I was having trouble sleeping, constantly fretting about my hair loss.”

A cure for Alopecia Areata?

For Keremi, hair loss was initially minimal:

“It began innocuously enough: two small bald patches on my head no larger than five-pence coins. Within a few weeks a couple more had appeared, prompting me to visit the GP, who referred me to a dermatologist.”

Keremi’s dermatologist informed her that there was no cure for Alopecia and that there was a risk of losing her hair all over her body. This could happen if her alopecia progressed to one of the more severe forms, Alopecia Totalis or Universaliswhere all hair is lost on the head and body, respectively.

Although it’s true that there is currently no absolute cure for Alopecia, depending on the severity of the condition and the stage it has reached, treatments for Alopecia Areata can be successful.

Steroid treatment and alternative therapies

After diagnosis, Keremi began a period of steroid treatment that initially worked well:

“I felt positive that I’d had the condition diagnosed, was undergoing steroid treatment and, by the end of the summer, my hair had regrown.”

Steroids can be used in a number of ways – including injections, lotions and tablets – to help treat Alopecia Areata, however all can come with variety of side effects such as pain and even premature balding.

After a period of no hair fall, Keremi’s Alopecia returned, and “quite suddenly my hair started falling out drastically. Every day I’d wake up to discover hair all over my pillow, and more fell out when I showered. Each day it seemed to get worse.”

Eight months on she is still experiencing patchy hair loss but hopes that an end is in sight: “I try to keep positive and have started to use alternative therapies such as acupuncture, hanging on to the hope that the body will mend itself,” she said.

Medicinal treatments for Alopecia Areata

Chelsey's Alopecia Areata Treatment Success Story

Click on these progress images of Chelsey’s Alopecia Areata treatment for her full Success Story

Here at Belgravia, we have seen promising regrowth results in Alopecia Areata patients using a hair loss treatment course based around the topical medication minoxidil.

One of these is Chelsey who features in our Hair Loss Success Stories. Chelsey came to us for treatment for alopecia and had this to say about her experience:

“…I spent years ridiculously self-conscious about the bald patches I had, and had lost all hope of ever having a full head of healthy hair, until now.

After just 3 months of treatment there are clear changes and my hope is back. Things like I can now tie my hair back or go swimming without strategically placing my hair and worrying…”


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