Brand’s Supportive Gifts for Friends with Hair Loss from Cancer

Posted by Mike Peake

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Some of the best ever ideas are born out of adversity, and that’s certainly true of one of the sweetest innovations aimed at people with hair loss that we’ve ever seen.

Bold Beanies is the brainchild of British mother of two Emilienne Rebel who was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer eight years ago. When she lost all of her hair during chemotherapy treatment, she found herself feeling very cold, especially at night, and her hair loss was also difficult for her young daughter to come to terms with.

Gift baskets of beanies for people with cancerStroke of genius

In a stroke of genius, Emilienne hit upon the idea of creating and selling bold-printed beanie hats for other people who had lost their hair. It was an idea that would grow and grow, and today she has three separate lines of beautiful beanie hats aimed at men, women and children which are available to buy from the Bold Beanies website.

I needed something soft and simple, yet stylish, to slip on around the house and wear in bed,” says Emilienne of her eureka moment. Once her business began trading, next came the all-important customer feedback.

When I got my first email from a happy customer, I knew I was doing the right thing. I was called a ‘life-saver’!” says Emilienne, whose range of colourful beanie hats is expanding all the time. She can even roll them up and package them so that they resemble a rose or even a full bouquet - like those pictured, which make for a beautiful and thoughtful gift option little wonder that Emilienne won a European Female creativity award in 2015.

Bold Beanies Hats for People with Hair Loss from Chemotherapy or AlopeciaCan be personalised

As well as a wide variety of designs including some eye-catching animal and classic Liberty prints Bold Beanies offer personalised beanies, which would be ideal for fund-raising initiatives for cancer charities as well as hair loss charities such as Alopecia UK.

The latter offer support and advice to people with the far-from-uncommon autoimmune disorder Alopecia Areata (and its sister conditions Alopecia Universalis and Alopecia Totalis), which typically leads to sudden, patchy hair loss, although these patches can be fairly sizable and may join up to cause large bald area, too.

The kid's Bold Beanies could also prove useful to children with hair loss - often from chemo or alopecia areata - while they wait for their real hair wigs to arrive from another charity, the Little Princess Trust. Whoever they are for, these unique and beautifully presented gifts are a clever and fun way of showing your support.

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss

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