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Brad Pitt – Hair Loss Is Not a Problem, Or Is It?

Brad Pitt Hair LossFor a man of Brad Pitt’s fame and age, his never-changing hairline remains something of a curiosity. Unlike many of his celebrity contemporaries, Pitt’s hair has remained thick and healthy without any apparent need for transplant operations. Does he have a miraculously resilient hair line, or has he managed to head off hair loss before it became noticeable?

For men approaching 50 years of age, as Pitt himself is, there is a 50-50 chance that they will have experienced some form of a hair loss, whether it be a receding hair line or thinning of the vertex. Certain health conditions or events increase the likelihood of hair being shed and in the case of Brad Pitt it is highly likely that he has experienced at least some of these.

Pitt has been photographed leaving a skin spa earlier this week showing clear signs of ageing, walking with a stick and sporting a greying beard. His hair though looks the same as always, thick, full and long.

So how has he managed to keep his hair so healthy? Or indeed at all?

Proactive Treatment is Better than Reactive Surgery

Some celebrities, like Wayne Rooney, have had high profile hair transplant surgery to correct bald patches and thinning hairlines. Allowing your hair to thin to a level where a transplant is required can cost as much as £30,000 + as it did in Rooney’s case. What’s more, there is no guarantee that such surgery will be a success and preventative treatments are compulsory after having had a hair transplant to maintain the rest of the hair, so why not prevent the problem before it gets to this stage?

Men who observe hair loss early on and seek specially formulated, licensed and proven hair loss treatments can often regrow the lost locks before anyone notices and with minimal expense. If Brad Pitt has ever experienced thinning hair, then it’s most likely he has done the clever thing and undertaken the right kind of treatment to correct the loss before the paparazzi could get hold of the story.

Men who find that they have patchy hair loss or thinning hair at the temple and crown have a number of treatment options open to them with a high degree of regrowth success. Medications such as Propecia or Minoxdil are not only clinically approved by the health regulators on both sides of the Atlantic (the MHRA and FDA), but are also proven to prevent further hair loss and encourage regrowth. Using specially formulated versions of one or more of these treatments, along with the right hair growth boosters suited to the individual’s condition and pattern of hair loss, will ensure hair loss can be stopped and hair regrown in the great majority of cases.

The genius of this course of action is that hair can be regrown before the loss becomes noticeable. And if no one ever notices the initial hair loss, it is quite possible to maintain the appearance of always having had a full head of hair – just like Mr Pitt.

The Belgravia Centre has a long list of a-list celebrity patients that have never hit the tabloids for reasons of excessive hair loss because they have acted at the right time.

Maximum Confidentiality Assured

The Belgravia Centre takes the confidentiality of its clients extremely seriously, always ensuring anonymity and acting to protect their identities and hair loss treatments at all costs. Any client, male or female, can be completely confident of receiving the exact hair loss treatment they need without having to tell anyone about their hair health concerns. View the world’s largest collection of hair loss success stories to see what kind of results are so likely with our treatment programmes. All of the patients featured have of course consented to us using their comments and before/during treatment photos.

For clients who cannot attend our Victoria-based premises, we also offer an online diagnostic form and home treatment option. People electing to take this route are able to treat themselves in the comfort of their own home.

The Belgravia Centre is the UK’s leading hair loss clinic, but thanks to our postal prescription service we also serve clients across the world. But if you are able to visit our London centre for a free consultation, which is always advised, please call our helpline on 0800 077 6666 or message the centre.

Don’t Delay Your Own Hair Loss Treatment

So whether an A list celebrity or simply a concerned citizen, The Belgravia Centre have a range of treatment options available to meet their specific needs. We strongly recommend that men and women contact our hair specialists as soon as they notice increased shedding – we can then create a treatment plan to suit you. The quicker a diagnosis is provided and treatment begun, the less likely hair loss is to become noticed.

Whatever the degree of hair loss experienced, contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation appointment with one of hair loss experts to start treatment and the recovery of your hairline – before it becomes headline news.

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