Botox For Hair: Is This The Latest Hair Loss Craze?

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Scientists have discovered that fish protein found in the diet of Inuits in Greenland could potentially help women's hair loss. Dubbed 'the Botox for hair,' the results of the study appear to indicate that the fish protein could reduce thinning in weeks.

The study tracked 72 women experiencing hair loss due to stress, poor diet, or hormonal reasons; some women took the tablet containing the fish protein (AminoMar C), and some a placebo. Those taking the tablets on a daily basis saw their hair loss reduce by a fifth over three months. There was also a 7% increase in hair thickness after six months.

Inuit Intuition

Dermatologists behind the tablet claim that it can reverse the process that many women going though the menopause experience, where thick and healthy hair becomes weak and brittle. However, whilst improving the condition of existing hair, which can make hair appear thicker and healthier overall, it is not clear whether the supplement has been proven to treat female pattern hair loss, which is generally agreed to be the most common form of hair loss in women.

Because stress and diet related hair loss can be remedied by improving the diet or working to eliminate the cause of stress, there is every possibility that hair will increase in thickness naturally as the root cause is dealt with. For female pattern hair loss, though, there is no permanent 'cure,' and at present minoxidil is the only medical treatment that has been licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA (the UK and US medical regulatory bodies) to treat hair loss by stimulating new hair growth.

Belgravia welcome any new innovation in nutritional supplements that can improve the health and look of hair, and are constantly reviewing our daily supplement Hair Vitalics to ensure that it contains the optimum mix of proteins, vitamins, minerals and other key ingredients that help to keep hair looking and feeling great.

A Clinically Proven Approach

In our vast experience of treating women with hair loss, we have found that a bespoke hair loss treatment programme that contains the ideal strength of minoxidil selected for you by a hair loss specialist is the ideal way to treat hormone related hair loss, and can also help regrow stubborn thin patches from conditions related to stress and hair loss from a poor diet.

At Belgravia, our pharmaceutical laboratory can also combine a number of extra ingredients with your minoxidil formulation, which appear to block DHT (the hormone that causes female pattern hair loss by making scalp hair follicles shrink and produce weaker hair) giving your scalp chance to recover.

After your ideal minoxidil formulation has been compiled, our nutritional supplement is just one of  a number of hair growth boosters which can improve your hair's condition; we also offer the Hair Max LaserComb free with many of our courses, which is an FDA cleared device that can stimulate and speed up hair growth.

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