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Boris Johnson Losing His Trademark Bouffant Hair?


He’s kept his hair unusually neat lately, and when he appeared on Question Time, the Mayor of London was showing more scalp than usual. So, is Boris Johnson experiencing hair loss?

Parliamentary gossip blogger Guido Fawkes certainly seems to think so, commenting: “The mop-topped Mayor of London is going bald…a growing bald patch at the back and a deliberate effort to comb his locks forward. It was all a bit Donald Trump.”

If he’s now in the running for the title of Combover King, should Boris act quickly to prevent him losing his boyish hairstyle before it begins to have an effect on his approval ratings?

boris johnson hair loss comboverBalding Boris?

The Old Etonian, who many hope will run for leadership of the Conservatives, may be putting himself at a disadvantage, as Fawkes notes: “The age old rule in British politics is that bald men do not beat rivals with a full head of hair. Think Tony Blair versus William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard…

Should Boris wish to halt hair loss and regrow his thinning hair, what steps can he take to prevent the need for a surgical hair transplant procedure by treating his male pattern hair loss medically?

A targeted hair loss treatment plan containing the only two medications licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA (the UK and US medical regulatory bodies) can achieve great results in just months, giving Boris plenty of time to sharpen up for a leadership bid.

The first step to combating pattern hair loss involves blocking the naturally occurring androgen that causes the hair loss in the first place, DHT. This hormone causes follicular miniaturisation at the top of the scalp – a process which leads to thinner, wispy weak hairs being produced in place of thick, healthy locks. By blocking DHT, hair is given the chance to begin growing unhindered once again.

A Hair Loss Coalition

It’s true, though, that follicles often need stimulating in order for thick and healthy hair to grow back, and this is where a second medication, minoxidil, comes in handy. A topical treatment, minoxidil is applied directly to the scalp where it is needed according to the exact needs of the individual, and if Boris is finding his hair loss to be more stubborn than David Cameron, Belgravia offers a range of high strength minoxidil products which could be appropriate.

Should Boris wish to address his balding, a comprehensive combination hair loss treatment programme that contains both these medications along with a variety of hair growth boosters chosen to benefit his specific pattern and level of hairloss, could give him the best possible chance of halting any shedding and regrowing thinning hair.

Regular monitoring at either of our central London clinics, which the Mayor can easily travel to from his City of London offices, would ensure that progress is being  made, and relaxing clinical treatment therapy can encourage all round hair health and growth.

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