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Biostim – Unproven for Hair Loss

Biostim is an unlicensed product, meaning there is no clinical evidence to indicate that any of its ingredients are effective in preventing hair loss.

BiostimOn the Biostim website it claims that ‘clinical trials prove that both male and female patients found Biostim reduced hair loss significantly and caused stabilisation within 3 months – all experienced significant hair regrowth between 6 to 12 months’.  There are no details of these trials on their website. We suspect these trials, and the claims about effectveness to be fictitious but have contacted The Westminster Practice (the company that offers this lotion) to request details of the study so that we can add further information to this review if applicable. We will keep this post updated with any information we receive.

*Note from April 15th: We have received no details of any clinical trials for Biostim following our request. We will however keep you updated should we receive any details*

Biostim claims on its website to be ‘plant base Propecia’ and ‘Propecia, but without the side effects’. This statement is misleading and inaccurate. Firstly, Propecia is the most effective individual product for hair loss following extensive clinical trials which resulted in the product receiving medicinal licenses in both the UK and USA and there is no evidence that Biostim comes close to treating hair loss as effectively as Propecia. Secondly, products are only granted a license by the MHRA (UK) or FDA (USA) if they are proven to be effective and safe to use. Propecia’s side effects affected under 2% of people that took part in the study and were mild and always wore off either with continued use or quickly after stopping the treatment. More information on PROPECIA’S SIDE EFFECTS.

Unfortunately there are no strict regulations on the internet to control what companies say about their products so many hair loss products get away with highly exaggerated or fabricated claims.

For extensive information on most of the well-known products for hair loss please visit our HAIR LOSS PRODUCTS page which gives you details of the treatments proven to be effective and how to get the best out of them, as well as most of the other known products and details of their effectiveness.

Biostim Ingredients:

Sabal Serrulata Extract (Biogen)
Mono Propylene Glycol
Calcium Panthothenate (Vitamin B3)
Vitamin E
Vitamin A
Vitamin H (Biotin)
Vitamin H (P.A.B.A.)
Inositol (Vitamin B8)

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6th June, 2009 at 5:12 pm


Unbeknown to his previous history/form I went to this vile man for treatment. The usual as described above happened - references to family etc etc. He also said he was one of the founding members of the Belgravia Centre and the Clinical Director. Something about him and his whole set up made me feel uneasy and so I stalled and came away. I started to search on the internet about him and came across this site. Phew what a lucky escape I had but good luck to everyone in getting your money back from this odious man.

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