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Billionaire Poker Player Behind Samumed Male Hair Loss Treatment

An innovative biotech company which has set its sights on reversing the ageing process – and curing hair loss – is fronted by a maths wizard and part-time poker genius, it has been revealed.

In a short profile of US company Samumed in Forbes, the focus is mainly on founder Osman Kibar, the man who has quietly built up the business over the past 10 years. The writer notes that anyone Googling Kibar will likely find images of him playing (and winning at) poker, even though Kibar has played just a handful of times.

Samumed's Billionaire CEORegenerative stem cell treatments

Evidently, Kibar found the game to be more about reading the players rather than the cards, and turned out to have an incredible aptitude for it. Unable to ‘switch off’ after long days of looking at hearts and diamonds, however, he quit with a final score sheet of two wins and one second place out of three major tournaments. For fun, he apparently now reads complex maths books.

The article explains how Kibar moved to the US from Turkey to attend college, went on to get a Ph. D in engineering and how he is now based in San Diego, California and has built up “the most valuable biotechnology startup on the planet.” Kibar is said to be worth about $4bn, with his company valued at three times that amount.

The hairloss community has been following Samumed’s research with interest, as one of its stated intentions is to produce regenerative stem cell treatments to tackle the most severe stages of Male Pattern Baldness.

Like many men – and women – Samumed evidently sees thinning hair as one of the key areas of “the ageing process” and they hope to develop a way to reverse this, alongside other conditions and issues such as arthritis, scar tissue, Alzheimer’s and cancer. “The firm’s focus,” states the Forbes article, “disease by disease, symptom by symptom, is to make the cells of ageing people regenerate as powerfully as those of a developing fetus.” Continues below…

Treating male pattern hair loss

Naturally, therefore, the company’s main focus is on stem cell treatments, and their work in regenerative hair loss research has been attracting some of the biggest headlines.

Earlier this year, they released data about trials they have been conducting into a drug currently named Samumed SM04554. This is designed to tackle more advanced balding in men, as seen in stages IV, V, VA, VV and VI of the Norwood Scale – the standard tool used in measuring patterns and levels of hair loss in men.

In trials, the most successful test group was said to have seen a 10 per cent increase in hair over 135 days. Interestingly, the trial group with a low dosage of the topically-applied drug saw better results than the group which tested a higher dosage – something which is believed to be a fairly unusual outcome given drugs are often dose-dependent.

Of course, whilst this drug is still being tested for efficacy and safety, male pattern hair loss can already be treated using the two clinically-proven, MHRA and FDA approved male hair loss treatments finasteride 1mg and minoxidil.

These popular medications have an impressive success rate, particularly in the early to moderate stages of thinning and when used together as part of a combination course to inhibit the DHT which causes hair thinning, and accelerate hair growth. At Belgravia we frequently see encouraging regrowth results in men with thinning hair and/or a receding hairline from using these primary medications plus a range of boosters and find high strength minoxidil formulations particularly effective on stubborn areas of hair loss such as the temples or crown. So, whilst stem cell treatments may be the way of the future, if you are concerned about hair loss right now, you don’t have to wait to deal with it.

The Belgravia Centre Hair Loss ClinicThe Belgravia Centre

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