Billie Eilish Sports a Mullet After Hair Dye-Related Hair Loss

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Seventeen year-old singer-songwriter, Billie Eilish is possibly as well-known for her hair as she is for her award-winning music.

The 'Bellyache' singer's love of bold, ever-changing hair colours and unique fashion choices are a major part of her look, with her current preference being for long dark brown lengths and neon green roots.

So, when she graced the LACMA Art Film Gala red carpet in Los Angeles sporting a mullet, people assumed she was experimenting with the retro hairstyle.

However, Eilish wanted to make it known that this was definitely not the case and was, in fact, the result of hair loss caused by a bleaching accident.

"Burnt half of it off"

Speaking candidly about the incident to a TMZ reporter who caught her outside LAX airport, Billie Eilish explained, "You know what happened? Somebody dyed my hair and they burnt half of it off and now it looks like a mullet... That sh*t is not on purpose though."

She added that she is growing the hairstyle out, whilst hiding the burnt hair under a hoody. Continues below...

It would appear that, as her roots were not damaged, the hairloss she has experienced is a result of over-processing. Hair breakage - where weakened strands snap along the shaft - is a common problem, particularly where chemical processing is performed too frequently, or where the chemicals are either too strong or left on the hair for too long.

It can also be caused by heat-styling too often, especially an over-reliance on tools that subject the hair to extreme temperatures, such as flat irons, straightening brushes, styling wands or curlers. Using these types of stylers on wet or damp hair can further exacerbate damage.

Even hairdryers can be a problem if they are used often with the heat setting too high and they are used too close to the hair.

If the hair is also chemically processed - over-dyed, bleached, permed, relaxed, etc - and regular heat-styling is used as well, it is likely hair damage will present in the form of breakage.

Dealing with damaged hair and regrowth after breakage

Lady Gaga is one of many celebrities to have spoken about the problem of the bleach and heat-induced "chemical haircut" that Billie Eilish has now experienced.

Actors Gabrielle Union and Robert Pattinson as well as singer Zayk Malik have all admitted how bleaching their hair in particular, had resulted in hair loss and caused them to either wear a wig to hide the damage, or shave their head to allow new healthy hair regrowth.

As this type of hair loss does not involve the follicle, it is not considered a hair loss condition per se. Breakage - when mild to moderate - can generally be dealt with by getting a haircut to tidy up the remaining split ends, which can leave the hair with a frazzled, thin look, and by using hair care products, including masques and conditioning treatments, to help nourish and add moisture back into the hair.

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Whilst shaving the head is not an option some people would want to go for, it is by no means the only hairstyle to deal with breakage; those who want to lose as little length from their hair as possible should speak to their stylist about a cutting technique known as dusting.

Ensuring a good diet full of hair-friendly vitamins and minerals can further support healthy hair growth from the inside, whilst some people like to add a highly-targeted food supplement which supports the normal functioning of the hair growth cycle, such as Hair Vitalics, in to their daily routine. This should not replace a balanced diet, however.

Where the breakage is severe, or where Chemical Trauma has been caused by burns to the scalp, a consultation with a dedicated hair loss specialist may be advisable as these are more extreme situations which may require additional help to get the hair back on track.

The best way to avoid hair breakage is to keep the hair in good condition, both through lifestyle choices - such as healthy nutrition, getting enough sleep, keeping well hydrated and not smoking - as well as having a solid hair care routine.

When colouring the hair, always do a patch test first - even if using a product you have used previously given an intolerance can build up over time - and ensure you follow the instructions absolutely to the letter, if dying your hair at home.

When heat-styling, try to do this as little as possible, but when you do, be sure to use a heat protective spray first, as this will help to disperse the heat more evenly over your hair.

You can also read about how Belgravia superintendent trichologist, Rali, got her highlighted hair in such great shape before donating her long ponytail to children's hairloss charity, Little Princess Trust, for the second time here, for more haircare inspiration.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Women's Hair Loss

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