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Bill Murray’s Mullet Fools No-one

Bill Murray with his Flair Hair Visor The Belgravia CentreA disturbing new trend has seen a number of celebrities sporting hugely unconvincing crops of hair from under their golf visors. American movie star Bill Murray and British comedians Jasper Carrott and Al Murray are all known for receding hairlines and thinning hair, but have also been seen in public boasting very dodgy hair pieces which may come back to haunt them in the future.

Bill Murray’s photograph appears to show him wearing a bright red sun visor-style hat, out of the top of which can be seen a shock of blonde hair, standing quite literally on end. A closer examination of the picture reveals a much greyer tint to the hair around his side burns however. Long time fans of Murray will remember that at the peak of his fame, when he appeared in blockbusters including Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Scrooged and Groundhog Day, he appeared to have a receding, but clearly quite dark, hair line. Greying hair seems perfectly normal for a man of Murray’s age, but the bleach blonde crop does not.

This new blonde growth is either an extremely bad choice of colour matching, or the hair is synthetic. Fortunately all is not as it seems.

What Is Going On?

These ill-fitting, ill-conceived hair pieces are not however, designed to fool the eye. Known as HairFlair Golf Visors, the synthetic hair is actually affixed to the hat itself and is designed purely for comedic effect.

Since the launch of the original HairFlair golf visor, hat styles have diversified into all manner or headgear for men, women and children including bandanas, ski hats and various other branded articles. Celebrity attention has managed to turn HairFlair into a successful worldwide phenomenon with many UK-based novelty retailers offering the headgear for Christmas.

Behind the Comedy

Kids Blonde Flair Hair The Belgravia CentreBehind the playfulness of the HairFlair golf visor lies a far more serious message.

HairFlair operate a socially responsible business model and as a result 5% of all their profits are donated to the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

St Judes Children’s Research Hospital specialises in treating cancer and other life-threatening diseases in children. A well-respected research hospital, St Judes is the only Comprehensive Cancer Centre in the US dedicated solely to treating cancers in children.

Proper Permanent Hair Regrowth Techniques

Should Bill Murray ever decide that he would like encourage natural regrowth of his own hair, several highly effective treatments exist, doing away with the need to wear a dubious hair piece. Better still, many of these hair regrowth techniques are almost as simple as putting on a HairFlair visor each morning.

A number of highly effective treatments exist which are clinically proven to halt hair loss and promote regrowth in both men and women. Although pattern balding is widely considered to be a men-only problem, many women are also be affected by this form of hair loss.

Key to the arsenal of hair growth specialists are the products known as Minoxidil and Propecia. Depending on the client’s specific medical history, either treatment may be prescribed and positive results should be observable within months of treatment beginning.

More than Minoxidil

Despite being highly effective, the Belgravia Centre offer a number of hair loss treatments designed to complement Minoxidil and Propecia to ensure that their clients have the best possible chance of sustained regrowth results. These additional therapies, known as Hair Growth Boosters, have been carefully designed to work in conjunction with Propecia or Minoxidil for maximum effect.

Cleared by the Food and Drug Authority in the US, the revolutionary HairMax LaserComb is offered free to most clients of The Belgravia Centre. Used three times a week, the LaserComb is slowly combed through the patient’s hair for around 20 minutes each time. Depending on the model of LaserComb used, up to twelve low power laser beams pass into soft tissue of the patient’s scalp, helping to increase the action of a particular molecule which in turn helps stimulate hair regrowth.

Outstanding Service

Just as important as the medical and complementary treatments however, is the level of service offered to clients of The Belgravia Centre. We pride ourselves on speaking plain English and ensuring every step of every custom treatment plan is fully explained.

So if you are looking for a permanent hair regrowth solution, The Belgravia Centre can offer far more than a HairFlair. Contact us for a free consultation.

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