Beyonce's Daughter Blue Ivy's Hair Criticised On Twitter

jay-z blue ivy hair

She might only be just over a year old, but the daughter of megastar couple Beyonce and Jay-Z has come under criticism this week for her hairstyle. Unlike her mother, who has sported wigs, weaves, hair extensions and all manner of different haircuts throughout her prolific career, Blue Ivy is currently going all natural on top with a beautiful head of Afro hair.

Despite the child's young age, certain Tweeters have criticised her parents for not 'fixing' her hair, which suggests they think that the toddler should be wearing her hair in braids. The picture, which constitutes the media's first close-up look at Blue Ivy, was taken when her proud parents took their daughter on a lunch outing.

Big Hair For Blue

Of course, criticising a baby's hair style is ridiculous, even when the child belongs to two people rarely out of the public eye. That said, could Beyonce be leaving Blue's hair natural because she herself has endured the trials of years and years of braids, extensions and weaves putting the pressure on her hair and causing potential hair loss?

Wearing tight hair styles, or adding hair extensions or weaves to your natural hair can result in a condition called traction alopecia. This form of hair loss occurs when undue pressure is put on the hair shaft, which in turn causes a strain on the hair follicle. This can result in hair breaking or being pulled out at the root, and if the follicles become damaged, thinner, weaker hair is subsequently produced, leading to a vicious circle of hair loss where more extensions are needed to cover up the thinning area.

So, by leaving her baby's hair natural, Beyonce is making sure Blue doesn't suffer from any of these undesirable side effects. However, we also know that Afro hair is tricky to maintain, and that women (and men) often braid or use weaves out of necessity and an unwillingness to wear it in an Afro style. For those who are experiencing problems with their hair due to traction alopecia, there is a treatment available that can help.

Naturally Perfect

At Belgravia, we have treated many cases of traction alopecia successfully using a hair loss treatment programme that includes the clinically proven for hair loss medication minoxidil. This topical liquid or high strength minoxidil cream works by stimulating hair growth in damaged follicles, and can result in healthy hair regrowth providing the follicles have not ceased to produce hair altogether.

Minoxidil is used as part of a comprehensive hair loss treatment programme, tailored to your exact needs by a hair loss specialist. A number of hair growth boosters such as our nutritional supplement Hair Vitalics and the FDA cleared LaserComb are used to complement the treatment, and other ingredients are added to the minoxidil which appear to block DHT, which causes damage to hair follicles.

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