Beyoncé Debuts New Hairstyle, But At What Cost To Her Hair?

Beyoncé: megastar singer and performer and wife to hip hop mogul Jay-Z. The fashion forward star is known for changing her look, from her eye catching stage outfits to her many hairstyles, at regular intervals, but what effect could regularly wearing weaves, extensions and braids be having on Beyoncé's hair and scalp?

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Whilst using hair dye won't lead directly to hair loss, bleaching hair effects the overall condition of existing hairs, often causing them to break more easily, making your hair look thinner as a result. However, being as Beyoncé's blonde hair is almost certainly not her own, she would not need to worry about this particular problem.

That said, attaching extensions or a weave to existing hair presents problems of its own. Because of their extra weight, hair extensions and weaves put pressure on the hair follicles on the scalp, and over time a condition called traction alopecia may occur. This type of hair loss means that hair from areas that are subject to tension may over time thin out, and even stop growing entirely.

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It is important to treat traction alopecia before hair ceases to grow altogether, as at this point it cannot be treated. Luckily, this hair loss condition can be effectively remedied with a medically proven hair loss treatment plan. The only MHRA licensed and FDA approved for hair loss medication for women is particularly effective for treating traction alopecia: minoxidil appears to stimulate regrowth in damaged hair follicles.

Put A Weave On It

Because minoxidil is dose dependent, its strength can be varied according to each patient's specific needs. A high strength minoxidil can often treat even the most noticeable cases of traction alopecia, as supported by the feedback and images of Belgravia clients before and after starting Traction Alopecia treatment in our gallery of Success Stories.

There are also a number of treatment boosters available to women that aid hair regrowth and keep hair in its optimum healthy condition. The FDA cleared LaserComb is proven to help with hair regrowth and can even speed up the rate that it grows back. We have treated many cases of traction alopecia at Belgravia, and in just months healthy hair can grow back in place of noticeably thin patches, whether you're a single lady or Mrs Carter herself.

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