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Bernie Nolan – Bald and Glam!


Singing star Bernie Nolan has chosen to go bald in public at a prestigious awards ceremony, to show that bald can be beautiful, not to mention glamorous.

The 49-year-old singer, who shaved her head during chemotherapy to combat an aggressive form of breast cancer, said, “I might look like something out of Star Trek, but I’m winning the fight of my life.”

Appearing on the red carpet at the TV Choice Awards, Nolan explained, “I’ve spent the past few weeks saying I’m happy with no hair, so I felt it was important to come here and show I meant it.”

Chemotherapy is one of the drug treatments most likely to cause hair loss, although hair generally grows back within four to six months after treatment is completed. It may cause anything from mild thinning or patchy hair loss to total loss of all body hair. Regrowth may be a different colour or more curly than previously.

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