Bellamo Hair Laser Revital System - Does it Work?


There are a lot of websites offering treatments that they claim work to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. One of these products is the Bellamo Hair Laser System, and I was wondering if you could tell whether it would work or if it is a scam.
Belamo LaserAnswer: The Bellamo Hair Laser System is a relatively unknown product in the UK. Here is the information gathered after researching its website:
The device has three functions - massage the scalp, shine infra red light on the scalp, spray 'Revital Serum' on the scalp. There is also a shampoo to be used in conjunction with the device.
Infra Red: There is no evidence to indicate that Infra Red light assists in preventing hair loss or promoting hair growth.
Massaging the scalp: Same as above - people once believed that massaging the scalp could help to prevent hair loss but I'd say this is now generally classified as an 'old wives tale', similarly to standing on ones head!
Revital Serum and shampoo: These are purely natural solutions whose ingredients I have never come across. The 'active' ingredient is Bellamo's patented product, 'MS 13' as well as other natural 'oriental herbs'. There isn't much information disclosed but this product can safely be classified as one of the many unproven products that has no evidence to say that it assists in preventing hair loss. There is no evidence of any clinical efficacy for this product on the Bellamo website.
So there is nothing within Bellamo's 'Hair Laser Revital System' that actually has any efficacy for the prevention of hair loss. The cost is £295.
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