Belgravia Reception Manager Donates 12" Hair to Little Princess Trust

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Visitors to Belgravia's flagship hair loss clinic opposite Victoria Station will be familiar with the smiling face of our reception manager, Roxy.

They may also notice a change as of this week after kind-hearted Roxy had 12 inches of her thick, brunette hair cut off in order to donate it to the Little Princess Trust. This UK charity supplies real hair wigs made from the hair donations supporters send in, to boys and girls with hair loss.

Roxy Little Princess Trust Hair Loss Charity Hair DonationBright end to a tough year

In addition to baldness due to types of alopecia areata, one of the main reasons children use the services of the Little Princess Trust is when they lose their hair to cancer treatment. This struck a chord with Roxy who, despite her unwavering welcoming smile, has had a tough year during which various family members were diagnosed or lost their battle with the disease.

Talking about the decision to donate her hair, she explains: "Cancer has been the story of my life this year and I can relate to how it affects people, so if I can put a smile on an innocent child’s face for even one day we’ve beaten cancer."

Her waist-length hair was cut into a long, modern bob which we're sure you'll agree looks fabulous. "I wanted a change," she says of her new look. "Initially I didn’t want to go so short but I thought 'why waste all that hair when I could donate it'? So I cut my hair even shorter to try to donate as much as I could."

Now Roxy has a gorgeous new hairstyle and knows that a child with hair loss will benefit from a wig made from her donation, bringing a brighter end to her difficult year.

Roxy Charity Hair Cut Before and AfterCharity's centenary year

Similarly, earlier this year Belgravia client Laura also donated 12 inches of her hair to the Little Princess Trust too, putting an end to an upsetting period after she developed Alopecia Areata. This common autoimmune disorder causes patchy hair loss and, after making a full recovery thanks to following a bespoke Belgravia alopecia areata treatment course, she decided to donate her hair so that others could benefit from what had previously brought her "nothing but misery".

Roxy and Laura join a list of celebrities including Harry Styles and Jessie J who have also donated their hair to the charity which celebrated its centenary this year (2016).

In addition to sending hair donations to the charity, they are also keen to receive monetary donations as the charity funds the production of afro hair wigs itself - these cannot currently be made from donated hair - as well as cancer research.

The Belgravia Centre is proud to support such a worthwhile charity and is donating £1,000 to the Little Princess Trust alongside Roxy's hair donation.

Copy of New Street Ground Floor Reception 1 no pink nail polish

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Alopecia

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