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Belgravia Client to Run for Child Cruelty Prevention


Scared, socially reclusive, not sure what you can do or who to turn to… We’re not giving you a spiel about the emotional effects of hair loss. This is how neglected and abused children feel everyday. But on 1 November 2009, Belgravia Centre client Daniel Gayle will be running for teamGO in the ING New York City Marathon – the world’s largest marathon – to help the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) raise awareness about child cruelty, and you can help.
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The NSPCC will this year enter a team of runners into the ING New York Marathon – a race that’s been run every year since 1970 and attracts professional and amateur athletes alike from all over the world. Founded in 1889, the NSPCC is the UK’s leading charity committed to protecting children. Whether it is by changing public attitudes, pushing for a change a public policy or supporting children and their families, their aim is to end cruelty to children. And if you run with NSPCC’s teamGO you, like Daniel, will be helping them move one step closer to ending cruelty to children.

The Belgravia Centre is proud to donate towards and support its client Daniel Gayle on his endeavour. If you would like to find out more about NSPCC and how you can join the run in New York, visit the NSPCC website. Or if you would like to show your support by helping Daniel raise funds for abused and neglected children, visit Daniel’s fundraising page.

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