Belgravia Centre Experts’ Hair Loss Advice in the Press

The hair loss experts at Belgravia are regularly called on by magazine and newspaper journalists when they are writing about thinning hair and baldness, and this month has been no exception.

Senior hair loss specialist Leonora Doclis was asked to comment on why men lose their hair (answer: the genetic condition male pattern baldness in the lion’s share of cases) for an article on the Mr Porter website.

Belgravia-Centre-Mr-Porter-Hair-Loss-Advice-Mens-HairHairstyles for thinning hair

While the focus was on which hairstyles men should choose if they have thinning hair - the best two apparently being the French crop and a fade, with or without the high top.

The writer also wanted to know if anything could be done to combat a receding hairline, losing hair on top and a thinning crown. Leonora explained that the only clinically-proven solution is medical, and pointed out that well-established drugs (finasteride and minoxidil) can help to stop shedding and encourage new hair to grow back.

At Belgravia, most tailored male hair loss treatment courses come with important extra 'booster' products, specifically chosen based on the individual's condition, level and pattern of shedding. These can include the exclusive one-a-day hair growth supplement Hair Vitalics For Men, and home-use laser device, the HairMax LaserComb to complement the action of a client’s clinically-proven hair loss treatments.

The article features advice from Leonora about lifestyle choices, too; she explains how high-intensity, muscle-building exercise regimens, especially those that involve sports nutrition supplements such as whey protein and creatine, have been linked to higher levels of DHT in men. DHT, aka dihydrotestosterone, is the testosterone by-product that causes follicles to shrink around the top of the head and hairline in men who are genetically predisposed to male pattern hairloss. She adds that stress and smoking may also cause the acceleration of androgenetic alopecia.

Hello Magazine hair perfume hair loss advice Belgravia Centre LondonLeonora also shares her wisdom on the subject of washing thinning hair, which is something many men avoid at the first signs of shedding for fear that it will cause even more hair to fall out. “Washing hair regularly daily or every other day not only helps keep the scalp in good condition, but can keep your hair looking thicker, too,” she is quoted as saying.

Smelly hair and scalp problems

Hello magazine also quotes Leonora in a feature about scented hair mists. She advised as to one common factor that can cause the hair and scalp to smell, namely the over-production of sebum. "Sebum has the added effect of making hair oily, which in turn increases the likelihood of hair ‘picking up’ scents from the local environment,” she explained.

Hair perfume may be a big beauty trend at the moment but it is not something Belgravia's hair loss specialists would recommend using, especially not on a regular basis. This is because alcohol, particularly when it is the main ingredient, can be drying and therefore damaging to the hair. Rather than spraying it directly onto the hair, it is often suggested that the product be sprayed onto a hair brush and then brushed through the hair, though the safest thing is to avoid it altogether or choose a natural, alcohol-free formulation. Continues below...

Marouane Fellaini belgravia centre hair loss clinic

Abundant locks

In separate news, The Belgravia Centre was also name-checked in a story in the Sun about the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Manchester United following his recent tax woes in Spain. Sun writer Dave Kidd wrote that “personally, I reckon United supporters have more chance of seeing Marouane Fellaini down at the Belgravia Hair Loss Centre."

Fellaini, of course, is the big-haired Belgian who plays for Manchester United and whose locks are so abundant they have inspired a number of terrace chants.
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