Belgravia Alopecia Areata Client Donates 12 Inches of Hair to Charity

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A Belgravia client, whose successful treatment for Alopecia Areata led to the regrowth of new hair, decided to do something good with her locks.

Laura - Alopecia AreataLaura Green just like One Direction star Harry Styles has taken the scissors to her hair so that she can donate most of what she has to the Little Princess Trust, the UK charity that provides free human hair wigs to children with hair loss. While Laura was obviously extremely keen to put an end to the Alopecia Areata that had left her with bald patches, she was also just as happy to let some of her troublesome hair go once things were back on track.

That hair brought me nothing but unhappiness,” she told Belgravia. “Hopefully it can do some good for a kid who needs it.”

Helping children with hair loss

The Little Princess Trust has been a godsend to more than 4,000 children since the charity formed 10 years ago. Most recipients have lost their hair to chemotherapy drugs during cancer treatment, though the trust also provides top-quality wigs to kids who have experienced sudden hair loss due to autoimmune disorders. These are the perplexing and upsetting autoimmune disorders Alopecia Areata, which displays as smooth, rounded bald patches on the scalp, Alopecia Totalis, which leads to untreatable baldness of the scalp, and Alopecia Universalis, whereby the body becomes completely hairless from head to toe, causes the body to attack healthy cells in the scalp.

Keen fitness fan Laura’s response to her regrowth can only hint at the frustration she must have felt when her hair started falling out. Following six months of Belgravia’s specialist Alopecia Areata treatment Laura’s hair has now fully regrown, but she clearly wanted to reassert some control and finally put her hair loss behind her. As Laura captioned a photo of the ponytail she is donating on Instagram - where she documented her whole hair loss experience: “Losing hair as an adult nearly broke me I can’t imagine how children feel.

Since writing about her Alopecia Areata on social media, Laura has formed a “little family” online, after being contacted via her instagram account by people from all over the world who have been inspired by her open approach to dealing with the condition. She has also recorded an exclusive video for Belgravia, which you can watch here, explaining more about her hair loss journey. Continues below video

Whilst Alopecia Areata can be treated in those aged 16 years of age and older, it is certainly a vexing medical condition, with most doctors in agreement that one of several ‘triggers’ brings about its onset. These range from hormones to stress to allergies, although the precise reason some people develop the condition and why it can be permanent in some but not others is still the subject of scientific research.


The Little Princess Trust is marking its 10th anniversary with a social media campaign based around the hashtag #hairtospare.

Its goal is to increase the charity's stocks of real human hair so that they can make more wigs donations need to be at least seven inches, though the longer the better. In tandem with this, those with #nohairtospare are being encouraged to make a donation to help with funding as, in addition to the normal admin costs associated with running a charity, the Trust also has to buy in certain wigs.

At present donations of afro hair cannot be accepted due to it not being cost-effective to have specialists undertake this highly-skilled work, trying to intricately weave real-hair wigs with a hair type that is naturally more brittle and delicate than others. There are, however, other charities who do accept afro hair charity donations, so everyone can help children with hair loss, no matter what their hair type.

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Alopecia

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