Because You're Worth It: The True Cost of Hair Extensions

The Growing Wig & Hair Extensions Market Is Seeing An Increase in Demand for Human Hair

So, you know about ethical coffee and chocolate, but do you know where the hair in your hair extensions comes from? The demand for human hair is growing as the demand for real and authentic-looking hair extensions and wigs increases. As the recession bites worldwide, it seems more people are selling their locks in a bid to raise some cash. A recent article in The Guardian said that the UK’s main hair buyer, Banbury Postiche (Wigs UK), pays £3 an ounce if your hair is 6-12 inches long and £5 an ounce if it is more than 12 inches long.

While selling one’s locks may seem like a trivial practice, in some parts of the world many women are tricked into cutting off their hair and then paid a pittance. Earlier this year, the popstar Jamelia made a BBC documentary that investigated the human hair trade in India and Russia. After witnessing the dubious industry practices, she vowed never again to wear hair extensions made from real human hair.

After Making A BBC Documentary on Hair Extensions, Popstar Jamelia Has Vowed Never Again to Wear Extensions Made From Real HairHair extensions, which may be sourced and produced unethically, can also damage the hair follicles. Placing excessive tension on the hair, by wearing tight ponytails, hair extensions and wigs, can lead to thinning hair and a condition called Traction Alopecia. Giving the hair a rest from this type of styling can allow it to grow back on its own, although in some cases women will benefit from hair loss treatment. Proven treatments such as Minoxidil can help the hair grow back faster and encourage strong, healthy locks.

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