Be Nice to Baldies, Church Worshipers Told

Anyone who has seen a few too many hairs on their pillow of a morning knows that hair loss can be a bit startling, but you deal with it in one way or another. Some might not even be too perturbed but others will seek treatment so it doesn’t progress and affect their quality of life, and it seems it must, more than they realise. 

The Church of England now regards its balding members of the congregation as “special needs” worshippers, along with the blind, deaf, breast-feeding mothers, very short people and readers of tabloid newspapers. Mind you, this comes not long after a man was kicked out of church because he was bald.

Group of bald menA guidance book published recently, called Everybody Welcome, suggesting that churches try harder to make bald and overweight people feel welcome, is being issued to clergy. Attendance numbers at services have been a bit thin pardon the pun and the idea behind the initiative is to make churches friendlier and less intimidating to newcomers. Church leaders are told they need to adopt a new approach to make all newcommers feel welcome and create a church that is compelling to join.

A Church of England spokesman said: "We want to ensure that we are a Church that is able to make people feel at home, whatever their shape or size should be, and whatever their age and background."

This comes just one month after a 43 year-old man was kicked out of Blackburn Cathedral in Lancashire because officials thought his baldness and tattoos were a sign he was a BNP (British National Party) thug. No reference is made to the incident or to the treatment of those with hair loss, but the book does warn that bald people could be "in trouble from those overhead radiant heaters some churches have unwittingly installed."

"While some of the ideas can sound a bit trivial, the fact is that being blasted by an overhead heater or worrying about where the toilet is doesn't make it easy to focus on worshipping God," the spokesman said. 

The book states: "Most of us do not have to wait until we are 96 to have some sort of special need or weakness that makes a significant difference to our experience of the worship event."

If raging overhead heaters penetrating your scalp turns you off your weekly services, but thinning hair isn't really a concern for you, you could now probably just get away with wearing a hat. What are they going to do? If, however, hair loss is a concern, contact The Belgravia Centre.

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