BBC Reporter Details Struggles with Hair Loss

Claire Millar BBC Journalist The Belgravia Centre Claire has found that her confidence has returned since having extensions

BBC journalist Claire Millar has used the BBC News website to document her struggles with hair loss. Despite the high profile nature of her account, her experiences will mirror those of women (and men) across the country who have discovered bald patches in their hair.

Millar traces the start of her hair loss problems to a course of acne medications she was taking back in 2008. As she neared the end of the prescription, her family noticed that she had developed a large bald patch on the back of her head. After checking with her GP, Claire discovered that hair loss was a known side effect of the medication.

Trying the obvious solutions

Claire’s first stop was the hairdressers, where she had her shoulder-length hair cut short to try and disguise the bald patch. At the time Claire Millar recalls being “embarrassed, upset and scared”, echoing the feelings of many experiencing her loss symptoms.

As time went on and the hair refused to grow back, Claire tried a number of “solutions”, including herbal tablets, shampoos sprays and creams. Unfortunately none of these treatments led to natural hair regrowth.

Things got worse before they got better

Struggling to cope with her hair loss and lack of regrowth success, Claire took to pulling her own hair out. Although this would have worsened the thinning of her hair, in her desperate state she found that it actually made her feel better.

Known as Trichotillomania, this deliberate hair pulling is a recognised psychological condition which falls into the same category as nail biting an obsessive-compulsive disorder of sorts.

A solution but is it the right one?

Claire eventually elected to have hair extensions fitted, a measure which helped to disguise the bald patch but more importantly to help stop the habit of pulling her hair. She immediately began to feel better about herself, experiencing a much needed boost in self-esteem, and also stopped pulling her own hair out. Claire spoke to Belgravia about her condition and told us "The extensions aren’t glued or stitched to my hair in any way. They are hand sewn onto a mesh and my hair can grow underneath because it’s all held with tiny micro-beads which get adjusted every 6 to 8 weeks. The extensions completely cover all my own hair meaning I can’t get at it to pull it out."

The technique from a hair centre called Hair Solved, and is called the 'Enhancer System'. Only time will tell how effective the hair system is for Claire, but we wish her all the best and have asked her to keep us updated on her progress.

Not Trichotillomania?

For those women whose hair loss is caused by conditions other than trichotillomania, there are treatments available that are proven to prevent and reverse hair loss. Here at The Belgravia Centre we have a proven track record of helping men and women regrow hair naturally, regardless of the root cause of the original hair loss. Each client receives a custom hair loss treatment plan which is designed to help with even the most stubborn cases. We use unique formulations of licensed medications such as various forms of Minoxidil and additional Hair Growth Boosters are also employed to correct hair loss.

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