BBC Documentary Raises Alopecia Awareness Among Children

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Lambent Productions have completed filming of a new children’s television programme intended to highlight Alopecia-related hair loss. The episode has been produced as part of the “My Life” series which is to be screened on the BBC some time during January next year.

As yet the episode remains untitled. It sees cameras following 13 year old Kim Slack. Kim was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata in 2009 and the programme follows her progress as she attends the BeBold Alopecia Camp in Scarborough, an annual event for children experiencing hair loss. Children attending the camp participate in a number of activities together with a view to raising their self-confidence.

“I did lots of activities at camp like horse riding and acting classes and more importantly I made lots of new friends who have alopecia and I was able to share stories,” Kim says at one point during the documentary.

The programme follows Kim in the weeks leading up to the camp, during the trip and for another few weeks afterwards to show how the experience helped raise her self-confidence. Julie Heathcote who produced the program for Lambent Productions, said: “She [Kim] has had issues with her confidence but the camp has made a huge difference.”

Confidence and Self Esteem

Confidence and self esteem play a large part in coming to terms with hair loss and seeking advice as to reversing it. The Belgravia Centre deals only with adults experiencing hair loss but when designing individually tailored plans for male and female clients, The Belgravia Centre’s hair loss experts recognise the importance of considering all the factors involved in ensuring and promoting the wellbeing of people with hairloss.

Even though the Lambent Productions programme is for children it may help parents too if they are experiencing hair loss and the declining confidence that can go with it.

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Posted by Belgravia Centre Writer

In this article: Alopecia