Baldness: The Early Signs And Prevention

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Hair loss in men is normal, affecting around 1 in 3 by the age of 30. It’s usually a genetic condition which means baldness has been the fate of most men until fairly recently. But with advances in medical research, male pattern baldness can be prevented these days if it is addressed in the early to mid-stages, and can even be possible for men to regrow hair with the right treatment.


Early Signs of Baldness

A receding hairline is often a key symptom of male pattern hair loss, but some degree of thinning in the temporal regions is normal as men age. Your hairline may even start to recede or appear more rounded during your younger, teenage years, but a maturing hairline is not always an early sign of baldness.

The Norwood Scale is the most recognised measure of the progression of male pattern baldness. If your hairline is at Class 2, you’re at the normal stage. But it could be an indication that more hair loss is in store if your hairline progresses to a Class 3. This is the stage at which most specialists recommend that you seek advice if hair loss is of concern to you. Continues below...

Norwood Scale for Assessing Levels of Hair Loss Baldness in Men


Other signs and symptoms of genetic hair loss include thinning hair on top of the scalp and the gradual appearance of a bald spot at the crown or a developing widow’s peak. If there’s a family history of male or female pattern baldness, it is likely to increase your chance of developing the condition.

There are clinically-proven treatments, however, that can encourage hair growth and prevent further deterioration of the follicles when the balding process is not so advanced that the hair follicles have been destroyed. As long as they are still capable of producing hair - even if this hair is thin - this approach is viable.



Baldness Prevention

If you notice any of the early signs and symptoms listed above, the first step toward preventing further hair loss and possible baldness is to seek a professional diagnosis and recommendations from a dedicated hair loss specialist.

There are only two products that have been licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA for the treatment of male pattern hair loss the DHT-blocker finasteride 1mg and high strength minoxidil used topically to encourage hair growth. Used individually or simultaneously, and with appropriate supplementary hair growth  supporting products where advised, a treatment programme taking this approach can help with preventing baldness and promoting hair growth in the great majority of cases.

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Posted by Kate

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss