Baldness on Youtube: JoAnn Grey and Female Hair Loss

Jo Ann Gray

The Internet can be a great way of finding information on all sorts of issues. It can also be a fantastic source of emotional support when times are tough in a world of over seven billion people, there is always going to be somebody out there who has had similar experiences to ourselves, and can offer comfort and advice when we’re having a difficult time.

Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Youtube have made finding such people much, much easier. On Youtube, a number of video bloggers or “vloggers” - have posted videos sharing their experiences of hair loss. This week, we put the spotlight on one Youtuber in particular JoAnn Grey.

Let Jo Ann tell you somethin’

In her video “VLOG 1 - ALOPECIA - LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHIN' (video at the bottom of this story)...” JoAnn Grey describes how many people experience depression or anxiety over their body image as a result of developing one of the many different hair loss conditions. Grey herself has had Alopecia Areata for more than 20 years, but she also addresses women who have lost their hair because of other issues, such as chemotherapy.

Throughout the video, JoAnn provides support and encouragement to women who are afraid to reveal their hair loss symptoms to their loved ones, saying “trust me… your loved one wants you to feel good. They don’t want you feel bad. People who love you want you to be happy. Trust them.”

“You are not your hair”

JoAnn Grey also indicates in her video that many people believe that there is nothing that can be done to treat the symptoms of hair loss, and goes on to assure her viewers that there are solutions available: “If hair is your end all be all and… you don’t feel you’ll be able to live without it, there are professionals out there who can help you.” Grey’s message is very clear there is no reason to allow hair loss to disrupt our lives, because “You are not your hair… You’re not alone.”

Alopecia: Causes and Treatment

As JoAnn Grey says, Alopecia can be a highly distressing form of hair loss which can affect people of all ages. Although the precise trigger has not yet been identified scientifically, the development of the condition has been linked to stress or trauma - as an autoimmune condition, the body’s own natural defence mechanisms attack hair follicles, causing them to cease producing hair.

The most common form of Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, causes patches of the scalp to go bald, while the rarer form, Alopecia Totalis, can cause the entire scalp to lose its hair and Alopecia Universalis refers to hair loss of the whole body.

Although to more severe forms of Alopecia are more difficult to treat, The Belgravia Centre has treated patchy hair loss very successfully in many cases. The Belgravia Centre uses its own extra-strength cream formulations of minoxidil that were especially developed by The Belgravia Pharmacy for conditions such as Alopecia Areata, to help stimulate hair regrowth.

For those with any type of Alopecia, mild or severe, Alopecia World is a social network for users who are able to meet each other online and share experiences. The Belgravia Centre are supporters of the Alopecia World website, who currently have more than 12,000 members from all around the world.

And for those who'd like to find out more about how our hair loss experts can help you combat Alopecia, why not call 0800 077 6666 or contact us online to book a no-obligation initial consultation at our Central London clinic. Alternatively, why not fill in a diagnostic form online, which enables one of our consultants to assess your symptoms remotely and ship a hair loss treatment programme to you wherever you are in the world.

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