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Baldness Is Not Inevitable

baldness is not inevitableIf you had a family history of heart disease, would you go on strike and refuse to exercise and eat a healthy diet? Most cases of male baldness are hereditary, and a staggering 70 percent of British men think you can’t do anything about it. Oh, how wrong they are.

You see it all starts in the follicle. There are roughly 100,000 of these little hair factories on you scalp which is where the hair grows. The hair is a fibrous protein which needs nutrients in order to grow which it gets if a healthy bloodstream creates enough circulation to pump the nutrients to you hair follicles.

The hair has a life-cycle of growth, regression and rest, which is when hair loss occurs but new hair will grow in its place. Dr. Elena Dimitrova, a hair and scalp specialist at the Belgravia Centre explains that healthy follicles are needed to produce healthy hair.

“The follicle needs good blood circulation, especially in the resting phase, to pick up the nutrients it needs to be healthy enough to generate new growth when it comes back around to the growth phase,” she said.

So if you want the hair you have to be the best quality, good nutrition is the key. If you eat a balanced diet with plenty of variety you should get all the nutrients you need. The most beneficial nutrients for healthy hair are iron, zinc, silica and essential amino acids to build protein. Sometimes, if you aren’t able to get all the nutrients from your food, supplements could be beneficial but unless you’re malnourished, affected by disease or severe digestive problems, this shouldn’t be necessary. In normal circumstances, Dr. Dimitrova recommends swimming and combing or brushing the hair to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp.

Sadly though, male pattern baldness (or androgenetic alopecia), cannot be avoided through good nutrition. It is a hereditary condition and the result of a genetic sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a chemical derivative of testosterone. DHT is an important contributor to the developing male traits such as facial and body hair growth, and deepening of the voice but for some unknown reason it is also the main cause of male hair loss.

Thinning hair is an indicator and precursor to male pattern baldness. You see when you lose your hair, it has actually been getting progressively thinner over time. DHT causes the follicles to shrink, so when the growth phase of the cycle comes around, the hair grows back thinner each time.

“The follicles on the top are the ones that are genetically predisposed to hair loss,” the Belgravia Centre’s senior trichologist, Leonora Doclis said. Most men notice thinning on the top of the scalp and at the hair line rather than the sides or back because these hair follicles are more susceptible to the adverse affects of DHT.

Eventually the follicles shrink so much that they stop producing hair and become dormant. Unless, that is, you do something about it.

Of course hair loss products and herbal supplements won’t do much good if the cause of the problem isn’t addressed. The best treatment for male hair loss is a three pronged approach where DHT formation on the scalp is blocked, circulation of the blood in the scalp is enhanced and the hair follicles are stimulated to soak up all the benefits.

You’ll probably find a lot of products on the shelves and on the internet particularly that will attest to this. Thanks to the wonders of marketing and the freedom of internet, anyone can claim that their product is number one but the simple matter is, only three hair loss treatments are recognized by the FDA and medical societies. Propecia, minoxidil and the Laser Comb have been clinically and scientifically proven to work and are approved for safety.

There’s no need to accept hair loss when there are treatments for hair loss that work and you can do little things to keep your hair healthy. Of course bald is beautiful but when it starts to become a personal issue it may be worth consulting a specialist. The least you can expect is that your hair will stop falling out and some will most likely regrow. The results can be amazing.

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