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Balding Hockey Player’s Hair Envy Causes Bad Sportsmanship?

A professional ice hockey player with hair loss has been accused of bad behaviour during a match due to ‘jealousy’ over another player’s fuller head of hair.

Noticeable hair loss

Ovechkin Said Getzlaf Accused Him Of Diving Because He's Jealous Of His Hair

Players Clash On The Ice: Ovechkin Said Getzlaf Accused Him Of Diving Because He’s Jealous Of His Hair

Canadian captain of the Anaheim Ducks, Ryan Getzlaf accused Russian player Alex Ovechkin of diving during a recent match. His opponent responded cheekily by pointing to the player’s advanced signs of Male Pattern Hair Loss, saying, “Maybe he’s just jealous. I have hair, he don’t have hair.”

Male Pattern Baldness can affect self-esteem and many men struggle to cope with the emotional effects of hair loss. Aged 29, Ryan has been losing his hair for a number of years and now sports a closely cropped hairstyle which helps to distract from his thinning hair on top and receding hairline.

However, it seems unlikely he lets this affect his performance: the player is one of the National Hockey League’s best players, with two Olympic Gold medals under his belt, and has dealt with publicity over his balding before, having previously been named as one of the ‘Best Bald Players in NHL History’. Ryan responded lightly to this very public notice of his condition, joking “Well, I guess it’s better than being on the list of worst bald hockey players.”

Canadian International Hockey Player and Ducks Captain, Ryan Getzlaf

Canadian International Ice Hockey Player and Ducks Captain, Ryan Getzlaf

Male Pattern Baldness affecting behaviour

This is not the first time celebrity bad behaviour has been blamed on hair loss issues, as we previously reported from the Guardian’s ‘Lame Excuses for Bad Behaviour, MP Mark Oaten, who cheated on his wife with a male prostitute in 2006, cited a ‘midlife crisis’ brought on by his balding for his conduct.

Male Pattern Baldness is caused by a genetic sensitivity to a hormone (DHT) which attacks the hair follicles around the top of the head leading to thinning hair and, if left untreated, can lead to baldness. It is the most common hair loss condition and there are two MHRA-licensed male hair loss treatments available to help reverse the effects and promote regrowth: minoxidil and finasteride 1mg. These can form the basis of a comprehensive treatment course, alongside hair growth boosters, one-on-one monitoring, and clinical therapy.

If you’re worried about losing your hair, don’t let it affect your self-esteem – make an appointment with an expert as soon as possible to get a professional diagnosis, support and advice on the most effective hair loss treatments for your stage of shedding.

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