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Bald Truth: Men, Make a Decision About Hair Loss

Make a decision. As soon as you realise you’re losing your hair, you need to decide if you want to stop it or not because hair loss treatment works best for those who act sooner rather than later.

Balding MenTwo thirds of men will experience some degree of baldness and some will take it in their stride, but if you think it could be an issue for yourself, don’t wait to let it consume you to the point where you start having problems with self-esteem or your overall outlook on life. You can always stop the treatment and let nature take its course. But as for your hair, once it’s gone – it’s gone.

Many men start receding in their teens or early 20s and there’s a fine line between hairline maturisation and the early stages of hair loss. If you’re unsure where you fall, the Norwood Scale is a good place to start. Grade II is considered a normal amount of temporal recession but Grade III is generally considered fairly indicative of further hair loss. Still unsure if there’s any cause for concern? Consult a hair loss specialist.

Sometimes hair loss is only temporary and the damage can easily be rectified. Medical problems, hormone imbalances, and stress are common causes for hair loss but once identified are easily addressed. If thinning hair or excessive shedding is the result of an external factor, such as those mentioned, lifestyle amendments or simple medical treatment that address the problem is normally enough to rectify the hair loss.

Most cases of male hair loss tend to be genetic, though. And while it can be controlled, reversed and prevented with specific treatments, their degree of success is reliant upon early action and correct synchronisation and administration of proven hair loss treatments. Acceptance is of course one way to deal with hair loss but these days, with the availability of treatments that make baldness a choice rather than an inevitable fate, it’s rarely a first choice and more likely to be a last resort for some.

Previously a lot of men took baldness in their stride; a symbol of maturity and virility. But it’s a hard thing to accept in a society where your appearance counts and youth is valued. The Belgravia Centre is the UK’s leading hair loss clinic, specialising in unique combinations of clinically proven hair loss treatments that have been approved and licensed by medical regulatory bodies. If you’d like more information about hair loss and what you can do to rectify or prevent further hair loss, contact The Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 or send an email. Or you could simply fill in the online diagnostic form for personalised medical advice and access to superior treatment combinations form anywhere in the world.

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