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Bald Songbird Discovered

The Newly Discovered Bald Songbird, Named the Bare-Faced BulbulThe BBC recently reported that scientists have discovered a new species of bald songbird in South East Asia. The unusual bird may have remained undiscovered for so long because it lives in an inhospitable environment, far from human activity or settlement.

Scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the University of Melbourne spotted the bald-headed bird, the first new bulbul to have been discovered in 100 years. The bird, which the scientists have named the bare-faced bulbul, is also the first bald songbird to be spotted in mainland Asia.

The bird is similar in size to a thrush and has a short, distinctive call. Dr Peter Clyne, assistant director for Asia at the WCS, told BBC News that the discovery of a new species of animal is always an exciting event and helps to bring the world’s attention to conservation issues. The bald bird, which inhabits a protected area in central Laos, is safe for now but future human activities are a possible threat to its survival.

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