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Bald Penguin Ralph Has Suit Made-To-Measure

Bald Penguin Ralph in His New Westsuit That Protects Him From SunburnA penguin that suffers from baldness has been given a made-to-measure wet-suit. Ralph’s bald condition means that his feathers fall out in a day, unlike the rest of the colony of Humboldt penguins which lose their old feathers gradually to make way for a fresh set. Nine-year-old Ralph was at risk of severe sunburn and it looked like he would have to stay indoors for three weeks until he grew a new set. But last week, the Marwell Zoo resident was able to play with his fellow penguins after wildlife keepers made him a bespoke wet-suit from the leg of a man’s wetsuit.

The Daily Mail reported David White, assistant manager of Penguin World at Marwell, as saying, “Ralph is perfectly healthy so we don’t know why his feathers all drop out at once”. The staff considered applying suncream but thought it would wash off in the water so decided on the wetsuit.

Another staff member said that the wetsuit is not inhibiting Ralph at all and that the other penguins were intrigued by it and spent some time checking him out. But once they realised it was still Ralph under the wetsuit, “they seemed quite happy and don’t really pay it any attention any more”.

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