Bald Men Perceived As Less Likely to Succeed and Less Handsome

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Two common concerns among men with hair loss are whether people will find them attractive if they go bald, and if losing their hair will affect their career.

Whilst some may dismiss these worries as trivial, various studies have shown that there may actually be something to these stereotypes.

Varying perceptions of men with hair loss

Perceptions of bald men and men with hair

When it comes to dating, a man's hair - or lack of - is entirely a matter of personal preference. Famous bald men including Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) are happily coupled. Conversely, hirsute Harry Styles remains single - though we doubt hair had a role to play in any of these relationship statuses.

A 2008 study carried out by an online matchmakers found that women in the UK are more likely to date men with hair loss than women from other parts of Europe, while a 2015 survey discovered that two-thirds of Singaporean women would not date a balding man.

Interestingly, this new study which notes the negative connotations of hair loss was carried out by a hair transplant company (DHI), whilst a 2009 survey which found bald men made the best lovers, was conducted on behalf of the Wilkinson Sword razor brand.

In 2016 a BBC documentary explored the importance of hair in making a first impression. Psychologist Dr Graham Hole explained to viewers that it takes “as little as 13 milliseconds to decide whether you find a face attractive or unattractive.

The tests carried out during the programme found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that thicker hair was generally perceived as more youthful than thinning hair. This supports the findings of a small 2016 study which found that men displaying clear signs of male pattern baldness were thought to be up to eight years older than they actually were.

It is this link between youth, ageing and hairloss that can be of concern to men in the workplace. It is not just actors and celebrities whose looks are critical to career success who worry about how losing their hair will affect their job chances. Though studies have found that bald men can be considered aggressive and more dominant - traits which may be considered useful in certain fields - it is men with hair who get the business opportunities. A Canadian study from 2000 that explored the effects of hair loss when job hunting, found that 41 per cent of male candidates with a full head of hair were selected for interview. Only 27 per cent of balding candidates were seen.

Ironically, though having a thick head of hair may help you to get ahead, men in top jobs are considered more prone to hair loss from stress than their more junior counterparts.

Confidence in how you look

What is arguably more important to how someone is perceived is confidence. This notion is supported by researchers at the University of Florida, who revealed that 'good-looking' people tend to earn more and go further in their careers, and theorized that self-confidence plays an important role.

Whether you are bald, balding or have a full head of hair, self-confidence is key, so for men who are losing their hair it is important to decide what is best for them. This incredibly personal choice - whether to shave or save and regrow their hair - can make a huge difference to a man's self-esteem.

Some bald men are incredibly confident in their look, especially when a smooth scalp suits them and their head shape. There are a number of men, including footballing and acting legends Gianluca Vialli and Patrick Stewart, who seem to look better with no hair!

For others, taking steps to proactively prevent baldness and grow their hair back is the solution they are most comfortable with. This is something we hear constantly from clients at Belgravia, many of whom tell us that as their hair grows back, so does their confidence.

"From nine months it's been such a game-changer," says Male Hair Loss treatment client, Rohit about his Belgravia Centre experience. "It's improved my my self-esteem, self-confidence and certainly my self-image."  Watch Rohit's full testimonial video below.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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