Bald Man Bongos Set To Make US TV Debut

Bald Man Bongos The Belgravia Centre

A musical group from Salt Lake City, Utah, have found an unusual use for their bald heads musical instruments. The Bald Man Bongos percussion group uses the bald heads of their members to produce a variety of rhythms and noises!
“It’s got a good feel,” said lead percussionist Clint Pulver. “You can go fast. You can go slow. And you can make different sound, depending on where you hit ‘em in the head.”

Global superstardom beckons?

The Bald Man Bongos group is set to hit the big time later this month when they appear on the ninth series of America’s Got Talent, hoping to wow a panel of celebrity judges including Britain’s own Simon Cowell. However the four-man percussion group is already making a name for themselves on the global stage.
"There's an Indian music channel in India that we are on a rotation for," creator and group member Mike Chidsey said. "We're played twice an hour right now."

Increasing baldness confidence

The members of Bald Man Bongos group are clearly proud of their hairless status, and have decided to make the most of what, for some men, is an unwanted complication. Male pattern baldness is a very common condition, but only recently have attitudes towards hair loss begun to change. Hopefully having more bald men on TV, including America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel, will help to boost the confidence of other men with baldness.

Slapping and hair loss

The good news for men and women affected by hair loss is that slapping the scalp is not known to have any long lasting negative impact on hair growth. Arguably a stinging slap delivered to the scalp may actually help to increase blood flow and nutrient supply to the hair follicles temporarily. However this alone is insufficient to reverse male pattern baldness or other hair loss conditions, so we do not recommend slapping as a home hair loss treatment!
If the Bald Man Group ever decide to shun the limelight and regrow their lost hair, they will need a proper customised hair loss treatment plan. Using such a plan the four members will be able to address each of the various factors that contribute to male pattern baldness, greatly increasing the chance of successful hairline restoration.

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