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Bald Fame for Unique Gorilla

Bald gorillaIf only Charles Darwin was around to witness it. Humans may be essesntially a hairless species but male pattern baldness isn’t one of the most anticipated rites of passage for any man. So imagine the attention received by the only gorilla in the world with a hair loss problem. Kadogo, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, is the only one of his kind to have no hair on his head and no one knows why.

Hair loss is common in humans and even chimpanzees but gorillas have kept the secret of hair retention behind closed leaves for thousands of years. Now, one has received world-wide fame for his shiny pate. Ranger Innocent Mburanumwe, from Virunga National Park where Kadogo lives, said: “I don’t know why, but it impressed me very much to see a gorilla with a bald patch like an old man among humans.”

But baldness didn’t happen gradually for silverback gorilla Kadogo, he was born bald and no one is able to explain the reason why. “We ask ourselves why he is the only one like that among all these others in the wilderness,” Ranger Mburanumwe said.

There are certain gorillas that have more distinguished characteristics than others. Silverback gorillas, with their patch of greying back hair, tend to be the dominate male in the family. They are also known as male mountain gorillas and are typically intelligent and share 98-99% identical DNA with humans.

They may be smart creatures but unfortunately for Kadogo, there aren’t yet any treatments for gorilla hair loss. Humans on the other hand are much more advanced in this department, but are no longer reliant on old wives’ tales to deal with the age old problem. Propecia and minoxidil are clinically proven to help stop hair loss and regrow hair in most humans, but there are still unique differences and circumstance from person to person and a more individualised approach is sometimes needed.

If hair loss bothers you, there should be no monkeying around with unproven products. You’re more likely to get results when diagnosed and given the right combination of treatment for you. For more information contact the Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 or send an email. If you’re too busy aping about or can’t make it to the centre, fill in the online diagnostic form and a hair loss specialist will get back to you shortly.

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