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Bald For 20 Years But This Man Still Misses His Hair


Former actor and radio presenter turned hypnotherapist, Mark Powlett has written an article about how he misses his hair, despite losing it 20 years ago.

“A real sense that something is missing”

Mark Powlett Still Misses His HairLike many men, Mark didn’t notice his hair loss until it was fairly advanced, catching a glimpse of the back of his head when playing a policeman in a children’s TV programme: “like so many vain actors, I would happily watch myself back on screen while maintaining a pretence that seeing myself perform was a challenging task. As a policeman I wore a hat, and in this scene a runaway horse had dislodged it. Amazingly, I saw the back of a bald man’s head!”

Mark now sports the classic signs of Male Pattern Baldness – hair on the sides and back of his head with a thinning crown that has now turned into a bald spot. Despite his hair falling out many years ago, he admits he still wishes he had a full head of hair: “I can go through my days not thinking about my baldness – until I see my reflection or a shadow on a pavement, and then I do feel a real sense that something is missing. I still sometimes flick my fringe out of my eyes, even though it disappeared down the plughole over 20 years ago.”

Considering a hair transplant

After seeing celebrities undergo hair transplants, Mark did consider surgery to attempt to regain his hair: “I am happy to admit that I have considered the idea of having a hair transplant. Seeing James Nesbitt’s hair transplant and the remarkable transformation that he undertook, I spent a great deal of time looking into what it would cost for me to undergo the same. It is far too expensive for me to seriously consider – and perhaps that means I have come to terms with baldness.”

Male Hair Loss Results Following Treatment At The Belgravia Centre Hair Loss Clinic London

An example of the kind of regrowth results which can be experienced by Belgravia clients. Click the image above to view Joe’s full Success Story

Although Mark laments the lack of miracle cures in his article, there are other options for men with Male Pattern Baldness besides surgery. Using a comprehensive course of clinically-proven male hair loss treatments can help to prevent or halt hair loss, as well as promoting regrowth in men with thinning hair.

In Mark’s case, as his hair loss is now very advanced, it is unlikely that he would be able to regrow his hair at this stage. Treatment involves inhibiting the hormone derivative, DHT, which causes genetic hair loss and stimulating hair follicles into resuming normal hair production but, once true baldness occurs – where the skin takes on a shiny appearance – this means the hair follicles have died so treatment will not be effective.

This is why it is often best to seek hair loss help as soon as you start to notice you are losing more hair than usual as seeking professional help early will give you the best chance of positive results. Contact a hair loss specialist for a diagnosis of your specific hair loss condition and create a fully personalised treatment plan based on getting the best results for your stage of shedding.

Belgravia Centre Hair Loss ClinicThe Belgravia Centre

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