Bad Hair Treatment: Rulings for Fashions in Bali

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More restrictions on Balinese women

Regulation for policemen's hair length has been established for many years, but an all-female educational institution in Indonesia has just recently issued a controversial ruling on women's hairstyles.

Wearing elaborate hairstyles, being photographed before a wedding and travelling on motorbikes is against the Islamic religion and morality, according to the All-Girl Islamic Educational Institutions Forum of East Java.

In 1975, American attorney Patrick A. Sweeny argued that "appearance and grooming is a legitimate state interest", and implied that hairstyles affect how a person does their job.

"[A police officer] is the most visible representative of government we have in the country today and those who choose the professional must sacrifice a few rights bestowed on the ordinary citizen," the Lodi News-Sential quoted him as saying. "Uniformity of appearance is necessary for quick identification and to prevent crime."

His argument seemed to fit the bill and these days most police departments have strict rules regarding hair length of their police officers, both male and female.

Meanwhile, although the women's institution in Indonesia has deemed curling, straightening, colouring, or fiddling too much with hair morally illicit acts, the fatwa makes no mention about hair loss.

Some might say it is a simple and unimportant cosmetic problem, but hair loss can have more devastating effects on a person's psychology than most would probably realise.

Hair loss treatments have helped men and women all over the world avoid the emotional implications associated with battling baldness, ones that are possibly rooted in society's own expectations and stereotypes.

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Posted by Kate

In this article: Hair Loss