Bad Hair Days for Twilight's Robert Pattinson

Edward Cullen

It's not like baldness is something many women would wish upon their men, but it would probably be preferable to one that took longer to do his hair of a morning than she did. So just spare a thought for Kristen Stewart, the girl who brings Bella Swan to life in the blockbuster-hit movie series Twilight. Edward Cullen seems like an invincible and perfectly formed man apart from the fangs with his glistening rock-hard body, air of coolness and effortlessly coiffed hair. Er, sorry, did we say effortless?

It appears that Robert Pattinson, the British actor who stole millions of girls’ hearts when he graced the big screen as teenage vampire Edward Cullen, can’t wait to cut the hair which is causing him no end of grief throughout the series.

“I’m doing fight scenes and there’s a strand going down my forehead and they’re like, ‘We need to do it again because no one will recognise you! No one will know who it is!’” Pattinson told Entertainment Weekly, adding: “I’m like, “‘Really, is my face that generic?’”

And Pattinson isn’t the only one feeling the pressure for his character to look picture-perfect the whole time. While many guys his age would be starting to contend with the early signs of hair loss, the Twilight crew is more concerned that one lock out of place and the 17-year-old vampire played by Pattinson will no longer resemble the heart-throb ideal they’d created. Apparently there were about five people in different departments who ended up in tears over his wayward hair.

“I sound so stupid, but in a lot of ways the hair is 75 percent of my performance,” Pattinson said.

It seems however that the 23-year-old isn’t a fan of long tresses and told the crew he wouldn’t sport the hair extensions they suggested. After all, he may be playing a teenager but it’s not like he has a receding hairline to hide and needs to disguise the fact that he is maturing.

“I told them, 'Look, that’s just not going to happen… I said, 'Listen, I need to tone down the hair. Let’s make it a little more real, a little bit more … Method.'"

Taylor Lautner Hated Having Long HairEven Taylor Lautner, who plays 17-year-old werewolf Jacob Black in the movies, said he was relieved to be rid of the long black wig he wore for Twilight and part of Twilight: New Moon.

“I would not want that hair,” Lautner told the Boston Globe. “When I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn't even recognise myself.”

And considering the normally grungy Pattinson admitted previously that he once went six weeks without washing his hair, the pressure “to look like the poster at all times” was probably enough to make the follicularly frank guy want to pull it out anyway.

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