Back in Black: Gail Porter's Hair Regrowth and Toyboy Boyfriend

Gail Porter Dark Hair Regrowth

Gail Porter's hair is growing back a few shades darker and although she is bleaching it, the model turned TV presenter says she really is "indifferent" about her new hair because she accepted her baldness a long time ago.

Thirty-eight-year-old Porter showed off her hair regrowth as she attended a preview screening of Disney's The Princess and the Frog in London recently with her daughter Honey.

"It's come back black, which is strange because it was blonde before," she said.

Although Porter's hair is now growing back, she says she was happy being bald and on her Twitter page - Gail's Fluff Report - reveals that she will continue to shave off the hair as it grows back.

Gail Porter Bleached Hair on Twitter"I put up pictures of my hair every day and then I shave it off and everyone says, 'Ah, it was growing so well!' You see, it’s growing back in patches so I have to keep cutting it and shaving it off so it’s quite annoying," she said.

Twittering recently, Gail posted: "Don’t know what to do with my dodgy hair! I’m too used to being bald…I love being bald!"

The Scottish mother-of-one was diagnosed with the hair loss condition alopecia areata in 2005 during the divorce from her then husband, Toploader guitarist Dan Hipgrave.

14 year age gap: Gail Porter and Jonny DaviesPorter suspects there might be a link between her regrowth and her recent flame of four months, New Vinyl guitarist Jonny Davies.

"I'm getting very hairy so that must mean I'm quite happy now," Porter told the Daily Mail. "I've got a bit of hair and a bit of a boyfriend and I'm very happy."

Telling Closer magazine in August last year that she was experiencing sporadic regrowth in "random places", Porter said she didn't want her hair back.

"I've been bald for so long now - it's been five years - and I suddenly think, what am I going to do if it came back? The majority of it, 75 percent, has come back but then I have patches round the front so it looks ridiculous," she said recently. "It looks like a map of Europe or something."

Hair loss treatment for alopecia areata can be hugely successful if it's caught in the early stages, or when cases are relatively mild, but there are a few instances where hair growth does not resume or the nature of the condition, as in Porter's case, is largely sporadic.

Porter accepted her hair loss with remarkable dignity and, though she refused to wear wigs throughout the condition, became an ambassador for the Little Princess Trust - a charity which provides wigs to children with hair loss and is also supported by The Belgravia Centre. 

For more information about hair loss and the available clinically proven treatments, contact The Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 or message the centre. Alternatively, fill in the online diagnostic form and a specialist will contact you with the results and personalised advice and recommendations.

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