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Digg.com is a social bookmarking site. That means you can ‘bookmark’ sites online along with other users. So, rather than being limited to just what you discover each day, you can see what others think to your choices, and you can see what others have found who share your interests.

When you ‘Digg’ a web page, it’s as if you’re voting for it. You are, in effect, telling the search engines that you’ve checked the web page and it looks good to you. The search engines use that information as a vote of confidence. A Digg, therefore, helps a web page get a good search engine position. Which is rather cool because if you think about it, it makes the Internet a little more interactive. It lets you influence things a little.

So, take a look at Digg. Open an account, and start Digging web pages you like. Connect with your friends and share what you Digg. Get into the habit of Digging good sites as you browse the Internet. And if you think one of those good sites is ours, Digg your favourite pages here too.

Step by step:
1) open an account at Digg.com go through the setup process
2) Digg a few sites just to get the hang of it (dare we suggest ours?)
3) start building a network of friends and start sharing Diggs

Explore Digg’s different channels, eg. science or business, and play with the different time frames .. most recent through to 365 days.

Checkout Digg’s about us page and faq. Take a look at the Digg tools, get Digg integrated into your Facebook, and checkout the Digg lab for cool tools.

Digg is a fabulous tool, enjoy it.

See the blog about Delicious too.

RooneyUPDATE 4th June 2011 – Rooney Tweets about Hair Transplant (click for story)

The Sun is running a cheeky story about Wayne Rooney’s new shaved head, saying both that Rooney is “sensitive about losing his hair”, and that he was “fed-up with being ribbed about his thinning hair”, so asked Rio Ferdinand to shave his head before the West Ham game last Wednesday.

This doesn’t ring true somehow. Clearly for footballers of Rooneys’ calibre hair loss treatment is affordable .. it’s affordable for most people nowadays. And footballers often lead the way with hairstyles .. my first football memory was of Kevin Keegan getting a perm.

Keegan PermSo if he really was fed up and sensitive about his hair loss, he’d have done something about it.

The issue is more likely that, being in the public eye, rather like Richard Hammond being ribbed about whether he’d has his teeth whitened, if Rooney did get successful treatment the papers would start to wonder how come his hair was starting to grow back. That would reveal him to be sensitive about his looks (which are widely regarded as secondary to his skills). Revealing weakness simply leads to more relentless ribbing.

Rooney doesn’t seem to have many options, but you may well have. The answer really is to start treatment as soon as you notice your hair is thinning. Then you can keep your hair and no-one’s going to notice. If you’re out of the public eye, a gradual return of your healthy hair isn’t going to shock anyone, you’ll just look younger.

Every hair is grown by a hair follicle, we have about 100,000 of them set deep into our scalp growing hair at the rate of about 0.4mm per day (about 1.2cm per month). The shape of the follicle partly determines whether we have straight or curly hair.

Hair itself is made mostly of tough, structural proteins called keratin which also form the nails and, in other animals, things like horns, beaks, claws, and sometimes exoskeletons. Silk is also related. Only mammals have hair. Because hair is made of protein you’ll sometimes get advised to check your protein intake if you’re suffering hair loss. We’re not sure that’s a big concern.

Each hair follicle goes through a hair growth lifecycle which is more interesting than it sounds so bear with me. There’s anagen (growth), catagen (regression), and telogen (resting) and then it’s back around to anagen. It’s at the end of telogen (resting) that the hair is normally shed… up to 100 hairs a day is normal.

Hair Growth Cycle DiagramSo that answers the question of why hair on some parts of your body is longer than others, and how come you can’t grow your hair longer and longer forever. The length of your hair is determined by how long that whole lifecycle is. A typical scalp hair follicle spends between 2 to 7 years in anagen (growth), making the normal maximum hair length about a metre. For eyebrows the growth phase ends after at most 7 months.

The sudden loss of hair about three months after a big shock, telogen effluvium, happens because all the hair follicles go into telogen (resting) together at the time of the shock, and after that ends, all the hair falls out at once.

By far the most common cause of thinning hair and eventual baldness is male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness and they are both caused by the same thing… a genetic sensitivity to a chemical derivative of testosterone. The result is that each time the hair follicle comes back around to anagen (growth) the hair is a little thinner and the follicle weaker until one time, no hair is produced at all.

So long as this is caught in time, hair growth can be preserved and baldness prevented. No, really, it’s official… the MHRA has licensed and the FDA has approved two drugs for this purpose. Minoxidil is available to men and women and it stimulates bloodflow, and – by means unknown – gets hair growing. Finasteride 1mg is only available for men, and that blocks the effect of testosterone on hair follicles. If you’re a man, you have the option of using both at the same time.

Remember that when using these treatments it’s important that your hair growth progress is monitored by a specialist in order to ensure optimum response and safety whilst using these treatments. And there are other hair loss products that can be used to supplement the effects of these proven treatments and are recommended based on each individual’s requirements.

The trick to retaining hair growth is catching thinning hair early. There’s not a lot that can be done to revive hair follicles that have ceased to function. But those still working can often be stimulated and revived.

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