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Question:  I’m 27 years old and have been losing my hair for about a year now.  I’ve tried Nourkrin but it hasn’t really done much to help.  The thinning seems to be confined to the top of my head as my hairline seems to be further apart than it used to be but round the back and sides my hair looks thick.

I also see a lot of hair on my pillow and the back of my clothes which I find quite embarrassing.  I really want to do something about it but the things I’ve tried have sort of dashed my hopes.  Can anything else be done?

Answer:  Hi, there. We can’t be certain just from what you say here, however, it sounds from your description as if you’re most likely experiencing genetic thinning or ‘female pattern hair loss‘.

There are established hair loss solutions for treating thinning hair in women caused by this hereditary condition; the topical medication minoxidil is both MHRA licensed and FDA approved for treating female pattern hairloss, whilst the LaserComb is an FDA-cleared low-level laser therapy (LLLT) device designed to stimulate the follicles. These can be used as part of a fully-rounded approach which features the established clinically-proven treatment alongside complementary hair growth supporting products.

Appropriate female pattern hair loss treatments can be recommended to you by a specialist, however, we would encourage you to have a consultation first as it is obviously crucial to establish whether this is actually the condition you have, first.

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Question: Hi. I’m 24yrs old. I’ve always had thin hair, but as time as gone by it has been getting worse, especially since I had my son. It’s hard for me to keep my hair open because it just looks really bad, you can just see my scalp. It’s really annoying because my hair stops me from going out the house, my confidence and self esteem as gone down. I’m thinking of hair transplant because there’s no other way I see for me to have strong and lots of hair.

Answer: Have you tried any forms of treatment? We always advise using a medicated treatment course before having a hair transplant as there’s a good chance of not only stabilising your hair loss, but also regrowing hair. I would advise that you visit the centre for a tricho-check and receive a diagnosis and treatment recommendations – you will also be able to discuss the hair transplant procedure with a Belgravia trichologist who will be able to check your suitability for the procedure and if you are suitable and still wish to take this option, recommend you to our affiliate surgical hair replacement expert.

QUESTION: I’m a 24 year old man and for the last month or so I’ve been noticing hair on my pillow. I’m not sure if I’m losing my hair or just being paranoid – perhaps it’s something that’s always happened but I’ve just never noticed. I also notice a lot of hair coming out when I put gel in my hair in the morning. My hair’s in a short cropped style and doesn’t look thin to me, although my hair dresser did mention that it’s looking a bit thinner around the top-back area. Do you have any advice??

ANSWER: This is something that I am asked frequently – “is my hair actually falling out or am I just being over observant?”

It’s likely that if you’ve suddenly started noticing it you hair most probably is beginning to fall out. Although people’s hair is naturally programmed to shed, it is not usually a noticeable amount unless excessive shedding is being experienced, especially when the hair is short. It sounds like you’re probably experiencing the very early stages of Male Pattern Hair Loss, although this cannot be confirmed without an examination.

There’s no need to worry though, as the earlier you catch your hair loss, the better. Please take a look at our Male Hair Loss Treatments page for more information on the treatments that are available for hair loss – by using a treatment course it’s most likely that your hair loss will be stopped and at the stage you are at, any hair that has been lost will grow back.

Jonny (another writer of the Belgravia Blog) is also 24 and losing his hair. He wrote a blog post that may be of interest to you – it explains his story and includes photo-scans from before and during his treatment – Jonny’s Story. Ps… Jonny’s Story is a continuation of this post.

I hope this is helpful to you. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to post a comment 🙂