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Name: Abi 

Question: Have you had many complaints about the White Cliffs Clinic? I am considering a hair replacement from there and from the research I have done they appear to be trustworthy and reputable. A second opinion would be appreciated.

Answer: No, we have not received any complaints about the White Cliffs Group.  I would advise you take a look at our price comparison page – although this page does not display costs of hair replacement systems, you can see the kind of prices charged from most of the advertised hair loss clinics (including White Cliffs) which will give you an idea of their prices relative to other hair clinics.  Good look in your search!


Name: Sravan 

Question: Can the donor hair for a hair transplant be removed from any part of the body other than just the back of head?? I mean from legs, chest etc.

Answer: Technically this is possible and I believe has been carried out by certain surgeons.  The problem is the hair will grow as it does on the area from which it has been removed i.e. short and fine / curly.  I think it would be difficult to find a surgeon that carries out this procedure and if you did it would look very strange!

Name:  Terry

Question:  I’m 35 years of age and have been bald (on the top of my head) since about the age of 29.  Is there anything I can do to get my hair back?

Answer:  Unfortunately there is not much that can be done in the way of treatment for growing back hair in areas of complete baldness.  Once the skin is smooth and no hair is visible regrowth is very unlikely.  The best option for you would be NON-SURGICAL HAIR REPLACEMENT (click for more information).

A hair transplant may also be possible but when it involves such a large area of baldness the hair from the donor area will usually appear thinner due to a lot of hair being removed to be replaced in the area of baldness.

Question: What kind of treatments would you suggest for hair loss in the back of the head from 3 years of very heavy weaves/extensions turned into dreds (originally done to make my hair fuller and disguise a scar from an earlier accident). I tried men’s rogaine for a few months (thought it would work as it’s stronger than women’s) and it caused facial hair growth in spots that I never had before (like around chin, lower face, and a little bit of neck area).

I also have a long scar on the scalp from a bad car accident 7 yrs ago, the worst part of it being at the front which is about the size of a quarter where there’s no hair. Is there anything I can do this many years later to shrink the scar? Hair can not be transplanted too well to old scar tissue like that right?

Answer: It sounds like the hair loss condition you are experiencing is Traction Alopecia. This is caused by long-term pulling on areas of hair until the follicles shrink and eventually become dysfunctional. Minoxidil should be helpful for this. Facial hair growth is an unlikely side effect but is experienced by some women whilst they are on minoxidil – we do however have an FDA approved cream that counteracts this excessive hair growth once applied to the areas.

With regard to your scars – please see this post – https://www.belgraviacentre.com/blog/question-can-you-offer-any-hope-of-hair-recovery-from-scarring-alopecia/.

Are You Getting a Good Deal on Your Hair Loss Treatment?Question:  I visited a hair clinic in London where they asked for £1800 for 1 year’s worth of minoxidil and a natural tablet – I can’t remember the name.  What kind of a deal is this, do you think it’s a rip off?

Answer:  It’s not really our place to say whether you are getting ripped off or not. We would, however, advise you to take a look at a hair loss product guide so you can get an idea of the kinds of products that are available. 

Minoxidil is one of two clinically proven hair loss treatments and natural hair supplements, like Belgravia’s own Hair Vitalics, can help improve the quality of your hair, although the latter won’t singularly stimulate regrowth.

Depending on an individual’s diagnosis, minoxidil is often administered in various doses and this, as well as where you purchase it from, can alter the price. And, while minoxidil can individually work to stimulate hair loss again, depending on your personal diagnosis, there may be ways to achieve superior results. We hope that the links below might also be able to assist you further:

A Guide To Choosing The Best Hair Loss Products

How Much Does a Full Hair Loss Treatment Course Cost?

How To Get The Best Results From Hair Loss Treatments

Question:  I’m in need of some help – I constantly pull and twist my hair.  It’s been a habit since I was a kid and it’s almost like an addiction, kind of like biting your nails.  It’s something that’s really worrying me because my hair is being affected by the pulling and I know it sounds stupid but I can’t stop doing it!

Answer:  This sounds like a condition called Trichotillomania which involves constant twisting and tugging of areas of hair and is more common that you may think, be it to different degrees for different people.  It is a habit, or an obsession, that can be hard to give up but there are ways of assisting the process.  More information on TRICHOTILLOMANIA and how to kick the habit.

Question:  I am a Nigerian, and very interested in using your products for my hair loss.  How can this happen?

Answer:  We have many patients overseas that have never visited the centre.  We can offer the same products to people out of the UK than those who visit the London centre.  It is required that you complete an on-line diagnostic form (click here) which provides Belgravia’s hair loss experts with all of the information required in order to diagnose your condition and recommend an effective course of treatment.  Following your diagnostic form submission you will be contacted by a Belgravia treatment advisor who will discuss all of your treatment options with you.

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