Australian Reality TV Star Reveals Hair Loss Battle

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Currently one of the biggest stars on Australian TV, Brynne Edelsten is never far from the public eye. As an actress, socialite and TV personality, Brynne is expected to look her best at all times, particularly since her appointment as brand ambassador for a hair care brand.

"It's difficult because I try to take pride in my appearance - I'm not a girl that leaves the house with no makeup with trackies on," she said in an interview with an Australian magazine. But this week the former Celebrity Splash contestant went on record to discuss a stress-related hair loss condition.

Lifestyle related hair loss

Late last year, Brynne discovered that her hair was falling out and she was experiencing thinning hair. A trip to the hairdresser confirmed that she was beginning to develop distinct bald spots. She also found that her hair had become brittle and was breaking, further affecting the overall appearance.

At the time, 30-year-old Brynne was visiting the hairdresser between two and five times a week for styling and maintenance of her hair extensions. She was also in the middle of filming for Celebrity Splash, spending up to 20 hours each week in a swimming pool, exposing her hair to chlorine which is known to weaken hair.

Hiding the hair loss

Like many women who experience female hair loss, Brynne’s first thought was to try and disguise the missing hair. Initially she tried using hair bands that covered the bald patches, before trying to glue other hair over the top of her hair extensions.

The use of hair extensions began to exacerbate the hair loss, making the bald patches larger as her remaining hair was put under greater stress. Her hair “care” routine was actually putting the rest of her hair at risk of damage or fall out.

“I couldn't even go out, my hair was so bad and thinning. It wouldn't even cover the hair extensions, you'd see this massive tape,” she said of her experiences at the time.

Stress as cause of hair loss

A visit to her doctor revealed that Brynne’s hairloss was directly related to her stress levels. As well as constantly practicing her diving and filming, Brynne’s marriage was foundering as her husband was in court accused of having an affair.

"It was a really stressful year, in my marriage, with my show and the pressure of people wanting me to have a baby yet having these problems at home,” she said.

Changing habits

At her doctor’s suggestion, Brynne began a hair loss treatment programme and took up a number of stress-busting activities. She now credits yoga and meditation with giving her a new outlook on life that has helped lower her stress levels.

The doctor’s advice has clearly paid off. Brynne is no longer losing her trademark blonde hair and she reports feeling better about herself as a result.

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