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Artist turns Baldness into Beauty

Philip Levine Butterflies The Belgravia CentreLike some men, English artist Philip Levine was initially perturbed when his hair began to fall out and his hairline slowly began receding. However, he soon began to approach the condition with a sense of creativity and developed an unusual solution to his Male Pattern Baldness – creating a whole new income for himself in the process.

Levine’s first step was to shave what remained of his hair to create a living canvas on his own head. He then used all of his training to create a range of arresting images which have made him highly sought after in the art and fashion world.

Since then, Levine and his decorated head have starred in a number of fashion photo shoots and advertisements, and he even receives corporate sponsorship from Gillette and several other well-known brands. Although painting on bald heads is not a completely new phenomenon, Levine appears to be the first person to make a substantial living from the practice. You can see more of his work on the ‘Phil Says Head Designs’ website.

A more traditional approach to hair loss

Levine’s “headism” art movement is certainly a novel way of dealing with Male Pattern Baldness, but for most men who find themselves experiencing symptoms of hair loss, a more subtle approach is required. Many men seek a solution which can help regrow hair, rather than removing the little that remains.

This is where the Belgravia Centre can help. Our hair loss experts have successfully helped tens of thousands of men and women regrow their hairlines naturally; you can read their experiences in our online archive of success stories. Our hair loss experts use clinically proven medications such as Minoxidil and Propecia, and a range of complementary therapies, to create a custom hair loss treatment plan for every client. All of our programmes are designed to create all the conditions required for natural, healthy hair regrowth.

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