Argan Oil Hair Loss Treatment is Not Working'

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Can You Apply Scalp Oil if You Use Minoxidil?Name: Nilesh

Question: I am using argan oil hair loss treatment but it is not working. My hair is thinner than before. I apply every night and every day but still my hair loss. What can I do?

Answer: Hi, Nilesh. Argan oil is one of a number of natural products that people believe can treat hair loss but, sadly, this is untrue.

Although argan oil has moisturising properties and is high in vitamin C, which is known to help nourish the skin, these are cosmetic effects. They may help to improve the condition of the existing hair but they do not deal with a hair loss condition.

There are no authorised natural hairloss treatments and only two pharmaceutical medications that have been clinically-proven to treat male pattern baldness - the most common cause of thinning hair in men.  These hair loss treatments are designed to work on a biological level - something that cannot be achieved by cosmetic hair care products such as hair oils. These pharmaceutical treatments are called finasteride 1mg and minoxidil.

Finasteride 1mg is a once-a-day tablet designed to block the enzyme DHT that men with male pattern hair loss have an inbuilt sensitivity towards and which is the cause of this gradual hair thinning. This tablet can be taken on its own and used as a solo hair loss solution, or it can be used in conjunction with topical formulations of high strength minoxidil which is applied directly to the scalp, where needed, in order to promote hair growth. Minoxidil can also be used on its own, if desired. Furthermore, additional hair growth supporting products can be used alongside either or both of these MHRA licensed and FDA approved male pattern baldness treatments.

When following such a treatment regime hair oils can still be used on the scalp if you wish, however it is important that you apply the minoxidil first and allow it to sink in to the scalp for as long as possible - at the very least 20 minutes - before applying the oil.

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