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Are There Treatments I Can Use Which Will Not Affect My Psoriasis?


scalp psoriasisName: Lauren

Question: I have scalp psoriasis and originally thought that that was why I was loosing my hair. It became very thin and therefore I cut it very short. However, my psoriasis is very very minor on my scalp compared to others and I’ve found that I´m still loosing my short hair. If it is found that it’s another underlying deficiency, are there treatments I can use which will not affect my psoriasis?

Answer: Scalp psoriasis is very rarely a cause of hair loss and on the occasion that it does lead to excess shedding, it is usually always temporary: hair grows back once the scalp heals. You have found that you are still losing hair yet your scalp condition is mild, and this indicates that your hair loss is not caused by your scalp psoriasis. It is best to see a hair loss specialist to have your scalp and hair examined; this will help determine the cause of your female hair loss. We offer the topical hair loss medication minoxidil that is suitable for sensitive or irritable scalps, as we formulate our solution without any alcohol. We also offer clinical treatment therapy sessions where creams and lotions specially designed for people with scalp psoriasis are used.

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