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‘Are There Any Hair Loss Solutions For A Bald Spot?’


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Name: Luke

Question: Are there any solutions for treating a bald spot caused by Male Pattern Baldness? I have gone completely bald on the side and have a bald spot caused by it too. I want to know what I can do to treat it

Answer: Hi, Luke. We are unsure as to how you know the cause of your hair loss and would query this as what you describe does not sound like Male Pattern Baldness. Your query is similar to another we received recently, the answer to which you may find helpful.

Firstly, it is highly unusual that a 16 year old would have such severe Male Pattern Hair Loss that it would cause actual baldness. Secondly, you mention that one side has ‘gone completely bald’ – this is also inconsistent with a diagnosis of genetic hair loss.

We recommend having a professional consultation with a specialist who can determine the precise hair loss condition you are experiencing as it sounds more likely, based solely on what you say here, that you may be experiencing something called Alopecia Areata.

Male Pattern Baldness causes gradually thinning hair and affects the area along the top of the head from the hairline to the crown, though it does not necessarily the whole area at once. For instance, it is possible to have a receding hairline or just a thinning crown without the whole of the vertex being affected. Baldness – the most advanced stage of hairloss, where the head takes on a smooth, shiny appearance and hair is no longer capable of growing – generally takes many years to develop. As hereditary balding can only start to affect genetically-predisposed men once they have been through puberty, it is unlikely that, at 16 years of age, you would have bald areas already.

Alopecia Areata, on the other hand, does cause bald patches which can appear anywhere on the scalp. There can be one or many; they can be as small as a £1 coin or far larger and may join up to form larger areas. This is an autoimmune disorder which can present in men, women and children of any age. Although it comes on suddenly and leaves smooth, bald spots behind, in many cases hair regrowth will resume spontaneously within 12 months. Alopecia Areata treatment may also be used to help accelerate this process.

Once the cause has been established, hairloss solutions can be explored based upon the condition, level and pattern of shedding, as well as your medical suitability. Hair loss treatment courses for male pattern baldness and alopecia areata are available for approved patients from 16 years of age and, as you can see from Belgravia’s Success Stories gallery, these can be highly effective (though we never guarantee results given everyone responds differently).

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