Are Bald Men a Turn-off for Women?

Some Women Don't Mind a Date with a Bald Man But Other Women Prefer He Has Hair.

Although this blog has previously pointed out studies which suggest that younger women are attracted to graying, balding men (as it can indicate, in evolution terms, chiefdom or that men are less likely to sow their oats elsewhere due to their 'unattractiveness'), there is also evidence that some British women find hair loss a major turn-off. However, it seems that where a woman is located in the British Isles strongly affects her opinion on baldness.

According to a 2008 study of 6,500 British women by the online matchmaking company, only 11% said they wouldn’t date a man suffering from hair loss (compared to 17% of French women and 16% of Italian women).

Dr Victoria Lukats, psychiatrist and dating expert for, said, “The interesting finding from this survey was that women in the UK, compared to other countries in Europe, are the most embracing of men with either body hair (including hair on the back) and of male-pattern baldness.”

However, before baldness becomes the new must-have accessory, a closer look at the statistics shows how women feel about baldness depends upon where she comes from. In the South of England and Scotland, bald men can rejoice as only 2% and 4% of women (respectively) would not date a follicly challenged man. But in other parts of England and Wales the news is not so good.  In the Midlands and Wales, 12% of women would not date a bald man, which rises to 15% of women in the north of England. And for the men of London, a massive 27% of women said 'no' to male pattern baldness in their date.

Maybe London women are more image conscious than other ladies but if you don’t fancy relocating to the South or Scotland to increase your chances in the romance steaks, then you may wish to consider hair loss treatments. The vast majority of men will develop Male Pattern Baldness if they do not seek treatment. The Belgravia Centre has been helping male clients for several years and if you want to prevent baldness, there is a team of experts who can help.

For examples of the kind of results that Belgravia clients achieve, take a look at the hair loss success stories and read their comments. An early diagnosis and a individualized treatment programme is key to stabilising the condition and restoring lost hair. For a free consultation at Belgravia, just call 020 7730 6666 or message the centre. Alternatively, complete the online diagnostic form which will be instantly reviewed in the clinic and a Treatment Advisor will contact you to give you details of your diagnosis and discuss the best treatment options.

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