Anti-Bleach Technique Designed to Prevent Hair Loss From Over-Colouring

The number of stories involving hair loss caused by chemical trauma are on the increase as home-styling becomes ever more popular. But there may be good news for habitual hair-dyers thanks to a new colouring method which is promising most of the colours of the rainbow in a much more hair-friendly, bleach-free way.

London's award-winning Not Another Salon - located a short walk from Belgravia's City of London hair loss clinic - is pioneering a game-changing option for people who like to wear their hair in a multitude of different colours. Traditionally, the way to 'rainbow hair' involved serious bleaching followed by the application of chosen colours; something of a double blow to the hair which can cause hair breakage, which is seen when damaged hair - often from chemicals or frequent heat styling - snaps along the shaft.

Lightening hair colour without bleach

Not Another Salon’s route, however, is completely different. Owner Sophia Hilton recently explained in an Instagram post (which you can see below) that, instead of using bleach, they have been using the latest blonde colours to lift the hair, and then working out which hues can be applied over the top of that.

This bleach-free option seems to be a sensible alternative to what has sadly become the norm in the industry and the management there have confirmed that the process does not involve sulphur-based lightening. Sulphur products are often used to leach dye from the hair in salons and in home-use colour correction kits, but it has a very strong and unpleasant 'eggy' odour - even after it has been rinsed out.

In one social media post, the Not Another Salon owners give some insights into what to expect in an interview with one of their top colourists, Harriet Stokes: “What are the drawbacks of this technique? Firstly, if you're going to be an #antibleach option client you need to rule out pastels and ash tones as we just can't lift the hair light enough.” They also point out that people who have already bleached their hair and are growing it out will need to choose a vivid colour so that two different shades of it can be used one on the bleached end, with the newly-lightened part of the hair that is closer to the scalp receiving a tone that matches. Continues below...

The #antibleach option interview with colourist Harriet. What are the draw backs of this technique ( be honest)? Firstly, if you're going to be an #antibleach option client you need to rule out pastels and ash tones as we just can’t lift the hair light enough! If your changing from scalp bleach to #antibleach, as the hair grows out you can see a difference between the two so you need to find a vivid colour that is deep enough to sit over the top and blend them both together while you grow out your bleach over (let’s face it) the next few years. In the picture above I used a dark blue on the root into a pale blue on the ends ( the bleach) to blend them both together as it grows. Give it 2 years and her hair will be incredible! #bluehair

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Restoring damaged hair and hair loss from over-processing

Belgravia Centre Womens hair loss treatment alopecia areata traction alopecia female pattern baldness hair growth supplementsBleaching can be one of the most punishing things you can do to your hair, especially when peroxide is applied on a regular basis. In many cases, it severely weakens the strength of the hair, and when people then use other harsh treatments such as other dyes, chemical relaxers, perming solutions or even if they simply wear their hair in tight hairstyles such as braids or high ponytails often, the results can be devastating.

In most cases hair breakage can be dealt with via a good haircut to dust off the damaged hair, and strengthening conditioning treatments. A dedicated food supplement, such as Belgravia’s Hair Vitalics, can also help to buoy the hair's health and vitality from the inside through a range of premium, highly-targeted nutritional elements, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanical extracts.

In extreme cases, however, a more drastic haircut may be required and/or a course of custom hair loss treatment may be beneficial. Treatment is available for hair that is falling out due to severe over-bleaching - something Lady Gaga refers to as having a "chemical haircut" - or is otherwise chemically damaged. The best way to start this road to hair recovery is with a private consultation from a specialist hair clinic, either in person or online.

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