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Anthea Turner Reveals Stress-Related Hair Loss

Anthea Turner Signs of Hair Loss The Belgravia CentreAccording to a recent interview in Hello magazine, Anthea Turner began to experience hair loss following her high profile split from husband Grant Bovey. Turner blames the stress of the break up for problems eating, sleeping and ultimately, for her case of female hair loss.

Speaking for the first time about her relationship break down, Anthea Turner claims that she lost over a stone in weight because she simply stopped eating. She also reports getting just three hours sleep each night because she was unable to “switch off”.

Lack of proper nutrition coupled with poor sleeping patterns and stress almost certainly played a part in Anthea’s hair loss. “My hair also started breaking off. My hairdresser Lino ran his fingers through my hair one day and there was a whole chunk missing,” she said of the experience.

Diet and sleep essential for reducing stress

Without a balanced diet, hair growth will start to falter as the necessary nutrients are not delivered to the hair follicles. Hair will appear lifeless, and become more brittle and prone to breakage. Severe malnutrition could see hair failing to grow at all, creating patchy loss like that reported by Anthea Turner.

There is clear link between stressful events such as divorce and hair loss, which is why many hair loss treatment programmes incorporate lifestyle changes to reduce anxiety. Regular, high quality sleep is fundamental to reducing stress and re-growing hair.

As Anthea became emotionally reconciled to the end of her marriage, her routines gradually returned to normal. Once she began eating properly and getting enough sleep, Anthea’s hair began growing normally, repopulating the bald patches until no sign of the hair loss remained.

Grant Bovey also affected by hair loss

As reported on The Belgravia Centre blog last year, Anthea’s ex-husband Grant Bovey was also observed to have been experiencing accelerated hair loss following the divorce. Bovey’s receding hair loss appears to have been caused by male pattern baldness, a genetic condition that some hair loss experts believe can be triggered – though not caused – by stress.

As Bovey and Turner’s experiences show, stress and hair loss can go hand-in-hand for both men and women. But because male pattern baldness is regarded by some as a fact of life, the rate of loss is not always properly realised. Many men do not realise that early intervention with proven hair loss medications yields the best prospect of stabilising hair loss and re-growing hair.

The Belgravia Centre

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