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Another Bald Bad Guy For New Bond Film, Spectre

Recent images from the set of the latest Bond film, Spectre, which is set for release this October, have revealed that, whilst 007 himself still has a full head of hair, once again the villain is balding.

No bald Bond

New Bond Film Spectre Is Due Out October 23rdAs we have revealed previously, throughout Bond movie history, there has never been a bald Bond. The new movie sees 46-year-old Daniel Craig take on the role of James Bond again, still sporting a full head of hair. We are assuming the super-spy must be genetically blessed to avoid male pattern baldness or experiencing other hair loss conditions such as Telogen Effluvium that can be brought on by stress or trauma, given the character’s perilous lifestyle.

As for the actor who plays 007, Craig, who is suffering from a knee injury sustained during a fight scene, still appears to have a solid head of hair. Despite looking like he may be starting to show signs of a receding hairline a few years ago, any hair loss the 46 year old may have experienced in the past seems to have stabilised with no further shedding visible.

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Daniel Craig As James Bond in New 007 Film Spectre

Balding villain

In contrast, new villain Mr. Hinx shows clear signs of balding. Bond’s new nemesis is played by American actor and wrestler Dave Bautista, who is also 46. A look back at the Guardians of the Galaxy star’s past roles reveals he has gradually lost his hair during the course of his career, as his receding and thinning hair has become progressively worse over the years. However, although he is experiencing hair loss, it looks as if he may have also shaved his head for the movie part, to give him an even more hairless look. After all, as footballer-turned-actor Frank LeBoeuf recently pointed out, when it comes to the movies, bad guys are usually bald. Story continues below.

Dave Bautista Plays Mr Hinx - Another Bald Baddie - In New Bond Film, Spectre

Weapons against hair loss

Half of men the same age as Craig and Bautista will suffer from male hair loss. However, the good news is that there are medically-proven treatments, minoxidil and finasteride 1mg, available to help prevent hair loss and boost regrowth – and you don’t have to complete any secret missions to get them.

If you’d like your hairline to be a bit less Hinx and a bit more Bond, visit a hair loss specialist who can talk you through recommendations for the most effective male hair loss treatments for promoting regrowth based on your specific stage of shedding.

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