Andy Murray Sports Winning Hairline For Wedding to Kim Sears

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Everyone wants to look their best on their big day and it seems Andy Murray is no exception. As the tennis star married long-term girlfriend Kim Sears at the weekend, it wasn't just his bride who was displaying a healthy head of hair.

Andy Murray Marries Kim SearsHair game on point

There has been much said about the tennis star's hair loss over the years, but - as any groom would - Andy made sure his hair game was on point for his wedding day.

Snaps of the happy couple outside their Dunblane Cathedral venue show the 27 year old boasting noticeable improvements to his widow's peakFurthermore, the groom's hair appeared generally thicker all over.

Winning hairline

It was previously rumoured that the Scot was using hair loss treatments to restore his receding hairline.

This came about when, despite having shown clear signs of Male Pattern Baldness for the past couple of years, his formerly thinning hair started to look fuller in around 2014. Judging by these latest images, it seems the rumours may have been true as he definitely has a winning hairline now!

How did he do it?

Whilst we can only speculate as to whether Murray has sought treatment or not, there are a number of options available to anyone wanting to regrow their hairline.

The most effective programmes designed to combat a widow's peak, where the hair forms an 'M' or 'V' shape thanks to a peaked front with receding at either side, are based around either one or both of the only two clinically-proven male hair loss treatments.

These medications, which are both are MHRA-licensed and FDA-approved, help to stabilise Male Pattern Hair Loss, preventing further shedding and promoting regrowth. If Andy did decide to go down the treatment route, it is likely he would follow a regime involving either or both of these components.

Whilst it is sometimes possible to conceal hair loss using a variety of cosmetic tricks and technique to make thinning hair appear thicker, these will not prevent further shedding.

Male pattern baldness is permanent and progressive so the best way to address it is to combat the underlying issue causing it. If you are worried about your hairline visit a hair loss specialist for a professional diagnosis and personalised advice on the best course of action to reverse your specific stage of hair loss.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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